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Thread: What are the diapers that I can use without notice?

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    Default What are the diapers that I can use without notice?

    I want to wear diapers but with a little discretion not be noticed much in the clothes to wear in the streets

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    any diaper with a cloth front, so CVS brand diapers.

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    why not go with some of the premium diaper brands thinner options .abena m2/m3 molicare plus (not super plus). these diapers are good options and you wont resign yourself to the crap that stores sell to the unfortunate incon people who dont know that theres quality products beyond drug stores.

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    I just wear baggy shorts. Never been caught although if I wear a long jacket or something then I look like I have a very big bum :P

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    well, depending on your waist size, its possible you could fit into underjams, which are pretty easy to find and make absolutely no noise. but you'd have to have a waist smaller than 30 inches. if those don't fit then goodnites/drynites would, but they do make a slight crinkly noise that can be easily muffled with some type of underwear over top of them.

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    Molicar Premium soft extra

    They are very thin, silent and for what they are, absorbant enough. They are very confortable. They can hold a full wetting, maybe 2.
    And on the plus side, they are very nice.

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    You could always try baby diapers, or goodnites. Other than that there are cheap online brands like ATN's

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    maybe some cloth depend pullups? those are pretty basic and very stealthy, and commonly available.

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