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    Wink question???

    how did you guys feel when you first discovered that your ab or dl feelings actually had a name and that their were others like you? i remember that i found out when i was in the hospital for cutting myself . my boyfriend found a random website about adult baby's and he called me and told me about it and i was soooo happy it was like i found a peace of me that i couldn't understand. and i did not feel alone anymore. and even thou i am not one to talk to people usually i am so happy to be a part of a site were people understand!!!!!!

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    I can't say it was particularly positive. The first time was finding an ad in a soft porn catalog that mentioned AB videos. It was nice to know that I wasn't alone but it didn't do much for me and I wasn't interested in the videos. Next was seeing ABs on a daytime talk show and that was very off-putting. Despite sharing an interest in common with them, they appeared to have taken it out of all reasonable bounds and it worried me that I might be one day driven to do the same. When the Internet came on the scene I wound up digging around for that and found an active but mostly seedy community, so once again I didn't feel much better, although it was impossible to look away. It's only fairly recently with sites like this that I've felt better about it as I see there are many who not only share my desires but also want to have an active adult life as well. I'm glad it's been a postive discovery for you. It took a while but I can finally agree.

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    I found it an amazing thing - it was actually this site which did it for me. After some tentative forays as a teenager, I completely ignored my AB side for over a decade as I'd always assumed it was "wrong" and "weird". It wasn't until I chanced onto ADISC and saw that it was actually quite normal (well not *normal* normal, but it wasn't just me!). It was just like you say - A piece of me which was important and that I'd been ignoring for far too long.

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    I first realized that my AB-ness had a name when I watched My Strange Addiction. Although Riley goes farther than I do, I found out that I am not alone. That brought solace and comfort to me. I kept wondering if there were others, but I was upset because I thought if there were, they would probably not say anything. So finally I decided to look online, and this site popped up first! I was so shocked to see a whole community existed!! I joined that night, and I am so grateful.

    I have had this desire to be a baby since I was ten. I thought it was bad because my dad always says he wants me to grow up. I repressed it until I found this site.

    I love you guys and I thank you for your support. I am so happy that I have went from a "me" to an "us"!

    A special thanks to our founder, Moo. This site has helped to change my life in a big way!


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    I knew what AB/DL was before I realized that I was AB. What was most embarrassing was when my mom found out. I was kinda embarrassed. She was not a happy camper and I actually lied to her and my sister about it. And I felt terrible that I lied to my self like that. After that I have never let myself deny it. I will shout it from the mountain tops. I AM AN ADULT BABY!! Just kidding I won't. But I love being AB.

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    I always had a feeling that I wasn't the only one who liked that sort of thing... I don't remember exactly how I first found out about others on the internet, but I'm pretty sure the first website about it that I found was Bittergrey's Understanding Infantilism site (that's also, if my memory serves me right, where I learned about furries). I really enjoyed reading all of his content.

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    Yes, knowing that there are others out there that have the same feelings is a huge relief, I remember that the first time that I discovered it, I felt like there were butterflies in my stomach with excitement and wonder. Although it took a long time till i discovered ADISC, so most of the places I discovered were regrettably mature, which for some time tainted my opinions on my lifestyle. I'm glad there is adisc to help keep my head on.

    My heart goes out to those who still don't know they are not alone.

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    To be honest, I kind of feel guilty when I indulge. I am not sure why and I can't seem to quit. I enjoy the feeling but feel guilty afterwards. Anyone else have this problem?

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    Quote Originally Posted by heybaby View Post
    To be honest, I kind of feel guilty when I indulge. I am not sure why and I can't seem to quit. I enjoy the feeling but feel guilty afterwards. Anyone else have this problem?
    Certainly was the case for me once upon a time. As I got to be at peace with my own weirdness and the understanding that it wasn't harming anyone, the guilt went away. It took more time than I'd like but my hope is that communities such as this will help accelerate the process for people.

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    I think discovering AB/DL on line helped me understand myself. It wasn't comforting seeing pictures of overweight middle aged men wearing diapers and realizing that, though not overweight, in some ways, I was one of them. But from a positive aspect, I learned a lot more about myself, especially that there was a difference between liking diapers, and wanting to feel like a baby. I certainly felt both experiences, but I hadn't put names to them, and I hadn't understood them from a more psychological viewpoint.

    I went to Wikipedia and researched Infantilism and many of the related articles.

    I discovered diaper stories, especially the ones of husbands being discovered and humiliated, and it fed my imagination. ADISC gave me the courage and a way to tell my wife about my diaper wearing. It was liberating. I am thankful that there are people like Moo, Macky and the mods who make my life not just a little better, but a lot better.

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