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Thread: Baby Matts Site?

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    Default Baby Matts Site?

    I have tried to get on Baby Matts site over the last few days but it is down? I have been a member there for two years and will miss it if it is gone.

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    I have never heard of it in my life. Give me the url, I couldnt find it. I searched with yahoo search, I found nothing.

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    i havent hear of it either, i would give it a few more days tho. is it updated frequently?

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    double D, I too always liked matt's page. Those pics he has are just so cute

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    I googled "Baby Matt" and I imagine it's the first link that comes up. It's a blank index page for me. The directory.

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    I have been trying for the last few days, and I get nothing at all, I have been a member there for many years, I asked at ABY but no one answered.

    It's like it just disaperared.....I just tried it with IE and there still nothing there.

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    Index of /

    Everything has been deleted off of there. It might just be temporary.... but for now there is nothing on that site.

    for those of you interested in the site I did find the casche.:

    Baby Matts Diaper Page :: Community Site for the AB/DL World!

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    That must be the only page I put in my login and get the same message as when I try to go directly to the site, I miss the site I have a few ongoing conversations there.

    They are back now, it's a nice site it any of you guys would like to join, but I do think it is an over 18 site.
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