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Thread: Girls School Uniforms in Animes

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    Default Girls School Uniforms in Animes

    How many of you would like to own one & from which series is your favorite or favorites? What colors of them so you like the most as well?

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    I've always been partial to the ones from Inuyasha, but I actually own one patterned after the Seigaku girl's uniform from Prince of Tennis. My GF made it for me a couple years ago. Sadly, I've lost too much weight in the last year and can't wear it now.

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    I like the ones in kekkaishi, and I have one I bought in white and red not too long ago

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    I love some, but I don't know from which series... I'd just go for some general thing.
    Or maybe the uniforms from "I, my, me strawberry eggs"

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    I have a few fuku type uniforms in my closet. One from To Heart series and the others are just generic ones. I also have a kindergarden uniform. Next on the list is Fuu Hououji's uniform from Magic Knight Rayearth.

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    Not a formal uniform person myself... I('d) personally prefer more Americanized clothes, like skinny jeans and crop tops~

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    Quote Originally Posted by tall2826 View Post
    I like the ones in kekkaishi, and I have one I bought in white and red not too long ago
    I like those to!!

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    I'd certainly like some, but I'm not quite sure which series I'd like them from most. That said, I think Rei's uniform from Evangelion is quite cute, so I guess I'd pick that one if you forced me to pick one straight away .

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    I'd love to have something like that! I really don't know what colors or which series' style though.

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    I don' if counts but I have this uniform of sorts from rozen maiden, my most school girl ish one
    Click image for larger version. 

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