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Thread: Goodnites vs depends

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    Obviously the one that fits comfortably.

    A pair of goodnites wouldn't make it past my knees, so forget me trying to pee or poop in them.

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    Which is better? Errm, well better for what? Being invisible under jeans? (Goodnites). More crinkly and old skool diaper-like? (depends max protection, or whatever it is now called). Depends also holds more liquid and has a better leak guard system. The first pee I do in a Goodnites sends trickles down and out the leg opening.
    Depends are ok as a starter diaper. If you wet them gradually they will hold quite a fair amount. I like the six-tapes and the soft white plastic. Always buy a pack when visiting North America.

    Just Try what you can, see what feels and works best for you!

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    Fir look well i would perfer depends

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