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    I saw the Dr. Phil show today at 3pm Central time. It was about "crazy obsessions". Brett was an AB/DL who was really into it. It was great to watch him with his onesie and diaper on. He also wore a diaper to the show.
    Anyway, he was shopping himself around for a caretaker to "adopt" him. It was sad because his girlfriend used to mommy him but she quit at Dr. Phil's urging. I hated that. The weird thing is that I watched it with my mom and she said it was sooo crazy. I just laughed to myself. I have a brand new bag of ABU pampers replicas "Super Dry Kids" with babyfresh scent. I notice Brett, the AB/DL had ABU Cushies. I could tell by the prints. The show made me excited about being an AB/DL. Anyway....that was all I have...

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    A thread on this show already exists here.

    The above link is a thread on todays show.

    Here is a link to the thread on the previous show.

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    Closing, since as Teslacoil mentioned, there is already a thread on it.

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