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Thread: Are people all of a sudden getting open minded about this?

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    Default Are people all of a sudden getting open minded about this?

    I have been seeing lately for the past year online or so about what none ABDL's think of us and most of them don't even care about this so they don't judge it. Yet they find it weird and gross because they can't understand who would want to wet and mess themselves and sit in it. (I don't think it makes them closed minded, they don't have to do it themselves or even participate in it to be considered open minded because calling them closed minded for not wanting to do it nor even not wanting to try it is ridiculous.)
    They aren't so critical about it nor judging people for it. Have these sort of people always been around or are they just phasing out the closed minded people who hate us as people and think of us as pedophiles?

    I don't think it would mean we can all of a sudden start talking about our ABDL lives to none ABDLs because that be like someone all of a sudden telling me how they got tied up in bed and how they got put on a leash and had to wear a collar and be their master's slave. Would I really want to hear that? Would I really be interested in hearing it? Probably not so why would someone be interested in hearing about my diaper life and me using them and getting changed by my husband? Would I want to hear about someone messing their pants and spreading it around in their panties on the furniture and them cleaning up and then putting on a clean pair and doing it again when they had to go again? I am sure people wouldn't want to hear about me using my diapers and sitting in my mess. Fetishes is just something people don't talk about in real life. But if someone had discovered my diapers and asked me about it, I could be honest about it than telling them I am incontinent or have bladder problems if tons of people are really open about it and don't care how you live your life and don't care about your choice of underwear even if you don't need them medically.

    Plus I think there is two different kinds of not liking something. You don't like it as in you don't want to do it and you are not into it and don't want to participate in it.

    The second dislike is you don't like it as in you hate everyone with it and you view them as sick twisted people who need help and you want nothing to do with them as a person because they like to wear diapers and be a baby and you find that all sick. You may even view them as pedophiles. You even leave your friend or partner because of them being into this or you try and make them quit doing it or else you will leave them. These are the sort of people that seem to be getting phased out by the first one.

    But what about people who don't care if someone wears a diaper but they wouldn't want them as a partner (relationship and marriage)? Where would you put them in which catagory for disliking this fetish? This may be a gray area because they are open minded but also closed about it but we all have things we would not want in someone as a partner but yet we be fine with it in friends and other people. Like I wouldn't care if someone is a slob so their home is always a mess. I don't live there and I don't ever go to their home so it doesn't matter but yet they would not be someone I would want for a relationship because of how they live in their home. That would mean I would have to live like that and maybe be spending my time nagging them to clean up and stop being lazy. Unless a compromise can be worked out like the person can have a room in our home they can trash and be lazy in the rest they have to be neat in and pick up after themselves. Same with diapers, like throw them away outside, not in the house so you wouldn't have to smell their diapers. Have a time for when you can wear them and your partner should let you have a diaper time.
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    I think you are right. I have been part of the online community for years and I have seen a decline in outright hatred for ab/dls all over the web. I think it's just people getting used to it, tends to happen with time.
    Also I agree that being an adult baby or a diaper lover isn't really something that is needed to be talked about. There is a time and a place and unless other people are talking about fetishes why should yours matter to them?

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    Amen to that!

    However what has being a diaper lover as in my case got to do with pedophilia?

    Im attracted to the actual item of clothing and nothing else, besides being 100% heterosexual.

    Arrrrg it angers me, the lack of actual insight into a fetish and being painted with a dirty brush.

    People have to live their lives with all their inner demons, and i can see how such negative portrayals can affect ones mental well being, thus disturbing inner peace.

    Fortunately we the good fetishists/and life stylers live by the golden rule, and im sure i don't have to spell that one out for everybody as we are well aware of our responsibilities.

    Once again thank God for Adisc, because we all need each other in a world that has yet to accept those who are different, not that being different is even bad to start with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calico View Post
    No. People aren't.

    See Talula's thread about this; I left a reply in there.
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    In my personal.experience, yes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luckyfish View Post
    However what has being a diaper lover as in my case got to do with pedophilia?
    You know that it doesn't. I know that it doesn't. But I also don't think it's terribly unreasonable to first encounter the fact that there are people who like to dress up as infants, wear and use diapers, and have sex while roleplaying as toddlers and make the jump that these people would molest children given the opportunity. It's another case where education is the cure for ignorance. But I don't think the misconception is so outlandish even if it is wrong.

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    I think that people are becoming blasť more than open-minded. It's very different seeing someone online talking about their fetishes (which we know are weird) and actually having to deal with them in a real, live person. The internet has shown us that everyone is a weird bastard at heart, so it's easier to assume that everyone is strange. Some (us) moreso than others.

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