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    I've heard, via mail, about this version of google with black background.
    They says it could save an high amount of energy (around 750 megawatt-hours a year).

    The link is:

    If it can be useful to save energy, why don't use it?

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    Somehow I find that difficult to believe. My computer uses x# of kilowatt hours per year...regardless of the sites I visit. What if I never visit google, does that mean I use less energy even tho' my laptop is on 24/7?

    That's like saying a 60 watt lightbulb burning in a lamp with a shade uses less energy than a 60 watt 'bare bulb'. LOL

    If any of this bunk were true, I'd be savin' tons of kilowatt hrs by using my 'all black' desktop instead of the traditional green-meadow-blue-sky XP deskotp *laughing*

    I'm gloomy, but I'm not that gloomy that I want my google to be 'all black'...maybe they can sell it to that goth couple that want to ride the metro wearing leashes tho'.

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    It's been kinda advertised on Spirou which is a French magazine, it's really popular so I trust them if they say it does work. And I don't see the point in wanting to make people believe that if it is indeed hard to believe.

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    ofcourse it would work... it takes far less energy for a screen to show black than it does white...

    on this same lines... why aren't all webpages black?

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    Because black is hard to look at and our minds automatically identify black as a foreground and white as a background, which would create a confusion.

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