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    Question I have a question

    What would be the best Linux distribution that can be run from a flash drive on a notebook with a 64-bit processor? Any answers with links to said distributions are very much appreciated. (having pizza today lol)

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    Puppy Linux /endthread.

    Really all there is to it. Used it on my little Dell D430 for ages before I finally bought a hard drive for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skunk053 View Post
    Thanks bro! Here's a slice of pizza for you

    Thanks! omnomnomnom

    Love pizza!

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    I'm fairly certain that most distros LiveCDs can be written to a USB stick and run from that. Ubuntu certainly could, it's how I installed it the first time (you need Unetbootin to do that). I think Arch can aswell, but you won't exactly have everything you'll want on it.

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