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    DL here...recently rediscovered my love for diapers after over 10 years of not indulging...I am now sleeping in them pretty much every night, and I really enjoy it. I dont wet my diapers, although sometimes when its night time and I have to get up to go to the toilet, I wish I could wet them...but there's some kind of mental block happening, and I cant do it.

    Ive been getting Cuddlz as I live in UK, but would love to dry fabines, SDK's and Cushies!

    Anyways thats all for now.Look forward to chatting with you.

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    Howdy and welcome to ADISC! I hope you make some good friends here and find plenty of interesting topics to engage in.

    I love London! I got to spend ten days there back in '06, and really liked SE1, the Borough Market, all the great pubs, and the Tate Modern. Have a pint of Adnams Broadside for me!

    As for diapers (do you like the word "nappies" better?), I'm very fortunate in that I get to wear to bed every night too and, like you, I don't wet them. Unlike you, I wouldn't have any problems doing so, it's just that I prefer my diapers dry. I also doubt that my wife wants to be subjected to a wet diapers--she's had to deal with enough of those raising kids!

    Any other hobbies/interests? Do you follow Formula 1? Watch IT Crowd? "Did you see that ludicrous display last night?"

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    Hi DloverUK. Glad to have you on ADISC. We'd love to hear more about you. I'm from the United States but I have British ancestry.

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