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Thread: Anime Recommendations?

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    Default Anime Recommendations?

    Okay, so I recently watched all 51 episodes of Soul Eater.. and I'm dying for more, but sadly there IS no more; so I'm looking for some new animie

    I want something that involves Shinigami, either as the "good" or "bad" side, super-natural/powers (as in Soul eater's case :3), dubbed to English of course.. Something that is involved with al ot of fight scenes; some comedy..

    If you have any suggestions or ideas, please shoot me some names! ^-^

    (I'm considering Bleach and Kekkaishi right now.. not too interested in Naruto yet)

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    Death Note Death Note Death Note! Totally awesome anime, and Shinigami are a major part of the story.

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    I recently watched Basilisk, and I thought that was totally awesome.

    Another anime I recently watched that does not fit your criteria, but is totally awesome anyway - the Golgo 13 series. It's an excellent over-the-top sex-and-violence fest that deserves to be seen.

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    I've seen a few episodes of death note.. but i kinda like the more fight type anime

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    code geuss, death note, any of the gundam series, cowboy bebop, gunsmith cats, appleseed, vexille & deadman wonderland are some very good animes

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    Gunslinger Girl, Case Closed, Haruhi Suzumiya, InuYasha, Full Metal Alchemist & Strawberry Marshmallow are a few of them that I love & would recommend to you!!

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    @Icey .... I love Strawberry Marshmallow ^_^ I'm not sure it's quite what he's after though ^_^

    Kuroshitsuji sounds right up your street though series 1 was professionally dubbed a few years ago but even subbed it's hilarious

    oh and my 500th post Woop ^_^

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    Bleach has a fighting
    one piece- funamation, done a good dub of that and that got fighting, but thats pirate baced.

    You could also use Organize, Discuss, Discover - that could give you some ideas also

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    Bleach and kekkashi are the best suggestions that i have. ive wacthed bleach alot and i think it has everything you want and more. IT KICKS ASS!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cvilledperdyl View Post
    Bleach and kekkashi are the best suggestions that i have. ive wacthed bleach alot and i think it has everything you want and more. IT KICKS ASS!
    I have to agree, with you on that one bleach does kick ass, just ashame the anime is over now.

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