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Thread: abu cushies arent great

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    Default abu cushies arent great

    they arent very thick in the front (maybe these are designed for girls???)

    they crinkle ALOT/loudly.

    i just wasn't that impressed by them.compared to my usual nappy,they arent as thick,which is what you would expect from the high end nappy.

    to me,they're like a halloween or fancy dress nappy,all about the look and not about the purpose.

    i'll stick to my usual brand.lucky i only bought a trial 2 pack from ebay.

    if anybody is contemplating purchasing them,i wouldnt.

    the same sort of goes for bambinos,or 'cuddlz' in the uk...

    - the machine applied tape landing zone is always too low and its quite a firm plastic,not much give so cuts into your top of the thigh.

    they're not that absorbant,i peed twice and it swells loads.and they often leaked over night.

    i normally wear euron form super plus and they never leak at night.

    i dont these high end brands are designed for wearing all the time like many of us do.

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    Aptly put describing them as a costume item. I recently purchased them, unlike you I wasn't looking for performance. I was quite pleased with the final product. The crinkle noise was a plus for me as well.

    Now I will say that if they ever decided to put the resources into a true baby diaper replica which would be three times as thick and sport real leak guards that almost bite into the skin for true functionality, I would be willing to pay between $5 and $10 each for the final product.
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    ABU Cushies aren't really known for the how well they work. They are poplar because how they look because of the print on them and the feeling of having all the crinky sound and smell if you get the option is lot of people look for when they get cushies.

    In sort they are just meant to be fun diapers. Not something that you want to expect to hold a big wetting.

    I love getting them tho

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    They're definitely not a practical diaper for everyday use, but if you're an AB who doesn't wear 24/7 or use them much, they're great. Just depends what you use them for.

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    As a person with Incontinence I've tried all Brands of Diapers out there (no Joke either). I like the Cushies w/ Cloth like cover. They work great for me and hold a good amount of urine. Of course I only use these at night, as they are a little impratical during the day. But overall I like them.

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    Yesterday I was in a Bambino Bellismo for 12 hours and I did not even get it's full use before I took a shower and went to bed.

    Of course thats Bambino which all 3 of their printed diapers have preformed really well for me. I never tried ABU stuff since they always want to half ass everything they do, or thats how they operated in the past. I never ordered from them due to the "horror" stories of customer support I've heard from trust worth members of adisc here. I haven't compared costs but based on reviews, pictures I can safely say I won't buy ABU diapers anytime soon and will order babmninos.

    Not to mention Babmnio has a 1 day shipping time for me that costs nothing extra. Since I live within 100 miles and they use OnTrac to ship, my dad even had to sign for the package. (yeah Babmnio's awesome for me.)

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    Ive ordered Abena M4s from ABU. They shipped nice, and I got a good discount + coupon.
    I'd like to try Bambinos because they're nice and hold a lot. Maybe with a friend
    From what I've heard in past forums, ABUs are mainly made for the looks, and the hold on them are something close to depends.

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    Idk what you're talking about, I wear cushies all the time and they take 2 to 3 wettings which is more than enough for me.. I just think everyones bladder is different... For that reason depends still exists... Not everyone floods their diaper

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    Cushies are cute and crinkly 2 big thumbs up there but they dont hold much
    at all. They are not for me and like 90% of the time they leak on me even when I wet them slow.

    For me Teddies from Bambino are great. They easily hold for me.
    To me them and Bellissimo's are also like the softest diaper I ever tried.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrinklyAmk View Post
    Idk what you're talking about, I wear cushies all the time and they take 2 to 3 wettings which is more than enough for me.. I just think everyones bladder is different... For that reason depends still exists... Not everyone floods their diaper
    Same here. I can get at least 2. By then it's time for a change anyway.

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