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    Hello all! I'm inastateofmind, and well, I am kind of in a state of mind... A bit about me. I'm thirty one years old, in sales, and I like to do a host of things, including: making music, reading, gaming, and I dabble a bit in writing. To be honest, In real life I'm a pretty shy person, and actually, I'm still a bit paranoid about making this acct... but, I've got to meet a group of "like minded" folks so I don't go crazy thinking about all of this all by myself. See, as far back as I can remember, I've liked diapers. I have no clue as to what brought it on, but I can remember small snippets from a very early age, (some as early as 3yrs old) of my "fascination" with diapers. I remember at the age of four, finding some diapers that my mother kept around for younger cousins and putting them on. When those cousins would visit, I remember watching jealously as they got changed, wondering why I still couldn't be wearing them as well. As I got a bit older, I always wanted to play "house" with a neighbor, because she still wet the bed, and whoever was the "baby" got to put one of her night-time diapers on. Later in my teens, diapers weren't accessible, so I substituted with homemade "diapers." Later in my twenties, I almost entirely "lost the urge" as I had my mind on, well, all the things that the 18-25yr old crowd does. As I got a bit older and started living on my own, the urge came back in a big way. I finally took the plunge about a year ago and worked up the gumption to walk into the CVS and buy some big boy clothes. That night, I WAS IN HEAVEN! I had finally found that feeling again, and I grabbed hold tight. I began pouring over the internet, and low-and-behold! I"M NOT THE ONLIEST ONE! I'M NOT A FREAK! Since that night, I've ordered "better" products a few times on-line, and am getting a feel for certain products, what I like, what I don't...

    Anyway, sorry for the long post, but I really needed that off my chest... I hope to gain some insight from some people that have been a bit more "open" with themselves than I have been in the past, and I will try to help those that are learning their way around this facet of their personality as well. Anyway, every time I looked for specific info, this site seemed to pop up, so this is where I will take the plunge.

    Thanks for reading, and hello again!

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    Hi inastateofmind and welcome! Glad you're here. As long as you use good discretion and common sense, you should be fine and have nothing to fear. I think sites like this help keep me sane and able to function normally, knowing there are others around like me.

    What music do you play? If you can't tell, I'm a musician, too! I play piano, and love all kinds of music.

    Welcome again! I look forward to chatting with you more and gaining knowledge and insight from your posts.

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    I am a guitarist, but I also trained for years on the Saxophone. Currently I'm in a band that plays covers, mostly classic rock, but I like all kinds of music. Not a huge fan of Country or Hip-Hop, but everything else is pretty much fair game. I see from your username you're into classical... I dig a lot of Classical, Wagner being one of my favorites. How 'bout you? What other kinds of music do you like?

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    Hi, and welcome. Your introduction reminded me very much of...ME. I remember that feeling of first learning I was not the only one! I was not a complete freak! Regarding favorite diapers, my personal favorite right now is Abena Dry 24/7. And speaking of music, if you play Sax you must have played some Jazz! My favorite. I would learn the Sax just so I could play Jazz.

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    Wow! Your intro was very much like my experience growing up. It is refreshing to know that you can read and explore a forum with similar stories! I also know how unsettling and exciting it can be both at the same time to vocalize your experiences with this stuff.

    This forum has it all. Enjoy

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    think most of us have a similar story to yours. at least i know i do it is a nice feeling knowing you are not going out of your mind once you see that this is more common that you thought. welcome to ADISC & enjoy the freedom to be yourself here

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    Welcome to ADISC, inastateofmind. =)

    You did a pretty good job with your introduction. Don't forget to read the Rules if you haven't already done so!

    Also, you will find a lot of useful tips in these articles that will help you to make the most out of your time here.
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