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Thread: ABs in advertising! (Aldi supermarket UK TV advert)

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    Talking ABs in advertising! (Aldi supermarket UK TV advert)

    I was just at a friends house watching TV and my eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when I saw this ad for the budget supermarket, Aldi:

    ALDI UK TV spot

    Just thought you might like to have a chuckle... I wonder if the producers actually know about ABs or whether it was just some "crazy idea" they came up with...?

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    I saw this a while ago, as I work in advertising.

    I like it a lot but there is no real AB slant to it - its main point is the contrast between the two grown, gruff, slightly-aloof men being dressed as cutesy teddy bears. It's just meant to be humourous.

    Works a treat IMO. I peed myself laughing

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    I'm not sure I quite get that advert... are the old-men-babies meant to be a metaphor or something? or is it just a humorous and memorable image?

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    LOLz too cute! If they're meant to be 'teddy bears' (as per DanDan's observation), then why does the first fellow say it feels good next to his skin...annnnnnnd....why do they both drink from baby bottles at the end? I do believe they're meant to be rather large babies.

    My grandson has a Mickey Mouse outfit (to wear next autumn when he's much bigger than he is now) much like the teddy bear outfits worn by the men in the video clip.

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    Both boxes of washing powder feature a baby on them, presumably to show how soft a given fabric becomes after using the detergents. The problem however, is this is only an implied message. By having two men dressed as babies they are then able to take on the opinion of a baby and thus vocalise what they might say if they could talk. Not to mention it is also quite funny! Think of it like an actor dressed up as a scientist in an advert then as the actor gives their opinion, it then magically looks as if what they are saying is the view of a scientist which of course, may or may not be true.

    On a side note though I hope Aldi have those outfits for sale in one of their weekly specials!

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    That was quite amusing. =)

    I need to watch it on TV with somebody to judge their reaction.

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    I do like the new ALDI adverts. They've finally worked out that spending something on advertising might help them out!
    My favourite is the Special K one.
    funny Aldi advert - Low Fat Cereal special k - YouTube

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    owh! thats so funny! i can't say cute.... i dont really like facial hair on baby's LOL
    but the ALDI adverts are SO much better then the one in the netherlands....

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