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    Smile Hello friends (:

    Hey guys and girls (:

    I'm Nick, im an 18 year old adult baby/teen baby/diaper lover. I've not quite sure what to say! I've only been a member of this forum for a day and have read so many posts. So many of my questions have been answered and i also feel so much more comfortable now after reading some of your posts. I intend on returning the favour and becoming a regular member and contributer to this forum by sharing my stories and experiences. Ill start with a bit about my current personal life, followed by how i got started with nappies, finishing off with my current AB/TB/DL adventures. (:

    ..Also by the way, as im english i say nappies not diapers xD

    So.. about me, well im 18 and live in England. Im currently a trainee I.T. technician full time. I love socialising with my friends, im out most evenings and weekends from as soon as i get home until bed time! Urmm...not sure what else to say about me really!

    Okay, moving on... how i got started with nappies. It all began when i was young as far back as i can remember! I was around 5 and out of nappies as any normal child, then my sister was born. Obviously she had all the normal baby things (dummy, nappies etc). I remember suddenly feeling the urge to put one on randomly! So i did, i took one of the nappies and a dummy and hid them in my room and at night i put them on. Thats when it all began, from then on i kept wearing and having a dummy, i also began 'using' them shortly after and i liked it! However one day a week or two later i remember putting a nappy on and messing it. Then a few people began to come upstairs, i quickly hid it and didnt know what to do. I left it there a few days and obviously it began to smell, my parents found it and confronted me about it, telling me it was bad and i cant do it anymore. So from then on i didnt have a nappy or dummy again... until i was around 12. I remember going to a family friends house, and their son had literally just come out of pullups! I took a few and tried them and remembered the feeling i got when i was 5 years old and wearing for the first time, i loved it! However we had to go home and i stupidly forgot to take any From then onwards i didnt wear again until i was around 15. For about a year before i kept thinking about them, thinking i was the only one who liked it. This was also when i got my first laptop with an internet connection in my room so i searched it up and found out there were tons of other people like me who like nappies! I contemplated buying nappies for myself and eventually i plucked up the courage to go to the local shop and get some Huggies Drynites. They fit me well and thats when i began wearing them all the time. This went on and off for a while until my parents found out again. I tried to make up an excuse that i had a wetting problem but they didnt believe me and tried to take me to a psychiatrist/counciler :/ I complained and told them i didnt need it and that i would give them up again. For about another year i didnt wear nappies. When i was 16 my parents told me that i was old enough to look after myself now and they were going to give me more responsibility... I took this as an opportunity and an excuse to get more nappies! I went straight to the shop and bought more huggies drynites, as well as a bottle, dummy, and bib. Thats where it really began. Since then ive worn huggies drynites 24/7, at one point i slowed down a bit as i could tell my bladder was getting a bit weak! My parents must know by now, they must have found them. However they havent told me so i just dont know! :/ i dont have the courage to ask. Anyway, a few months ago i began telling my closest friends, and most of them have been really supportive and even thought it was cute! This encouraged me more to the point where i even showed them my things (im still shy! it takes a lot for me to show anybody!). At one point, i found a friend who actually liked being a baby too. We started meeting up and having 'baby-days'. We'd take it in turns babying eachother. One weekend i would go there and be her baby, she'd change me when id wet or messed, put my dummy in, feed me, cuddle me. It was heaven! The next weekend id return the favour and baby her! Sadly this was short lived and we dont talk anymore :/ Around two months ago i decided enough was enough and i needed to stop being an AB/TB/DL.. i gave up huggies and my baby things... this only lasted around two weeks :P i couldnt get them off my mind! I got them back and now i love it more than ever.

    Wow, sorry for such a long post! (i hope this is okay in the introduction thread.. it sort if is an introduction into my life so i can make friends and people can better understand me! But anyway.. Recently my huggies drynites have started to get a bit tight as im getting a bit older now, they also leak so easily! I started ordering Cuddlz nappies from online. Theyre amazing, just like real baby nappies! They make me feel so childish and hold in soooo much! I cant believe ive only just started wearing them. Ive also ordered my first onesie/babygrow. I'll post some pictures up soon!

    Well there we go, a short biography of my life. Please feel free to make friends with me, ask me questions, chitchat to me generally. I really want to make some AB/TB/DL friends online to chat to and share my interests with!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nickycuddlz View Post
    Hey guys and girls (:

    I'm Nick, im an 18 year old adult baby/teen baby/diaper lover. I've not quite sure what to say!
    Rawr! Hi Nick! I'm Dan

    And not just *any* Dan - a Superman Dan (as you can tell by my name!)

    That's an impressive intro - far better than some we see! (Some people are just like, "Hi" and we have to be like, "Yeah... Um... Hi?" and then it's weird!)

    Firstly, kudos for being British. Waaaaay too many Yanks around this place! :P
    Secondly, your babying experience sounds immense! You're very lucky to have had such a thing - many people here crave something like that - I'm sorry it came to an end for you, though
    And thirdly, we really do enjoy getting to know more about the person inside the awesome-Cuddlz, so... I have questions!

    ... Pepsi or Coke?
    ... If you could be in any movie, which would it be and why?
    ... Favourite holiday destination?
    ... Do you wish you were taller/shorter?
    ... If a red house has red stairs and a yellow house has yellow stairs, what colour stairs does a green house have?

    There we are - crack on with those, if you wish :P Nice to see you around here and pleased you like the place so far Hope you make friends and settle in, and hit me up anytime if you want

    Dan x

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    Hey Dan!

    Thanks for taking the time to reply! I love the name DinoDan xD People call me Nickkasaurus cause i used to go Rawr a lot and think i was a Dinosaur :3 I should have mentioned that in the intro oopsie! I thought id make a decent effort on my intro because i dont really know anybody who i can talk to openly about my interests (ab/dl) and if i write lots and seem friendly maybe people will wanna be friends :3

    Oooo questions! Okay, umm Coke! not sure why, i cant really taste the difference! If i could be in any movie i would be in the movie titanic because ive always wanted to go on the ship! (id go in my own version of the movie though... one where it didnt sink!). My favourite holiday destination is spain because i spent many holidays here and know plenty of people out there! Shorter or taller... hmmm, im not too sure! Sometimes i wish i was smaller so i could fit in baby nappies and also sit on peoples laps for cuddles i miss that i also really miss being picked up.. however on the other hand sometimes i wish i was taller.. currently im only a couple of inches taller than my girlfriend.. so when she wears heels she towers over me! And the final question.. im not sure green?

    Hehe (: x

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    Quote Originally Posted by nickycuddlz View Post
    And the final question.. im not sure green?

    Hehe (: x
    No no no! You fool! A greenhouse has no stairs! Dur!

    DinoDan! Oh my god - love it! I shall be a Dannosaurus Rex RAWR! *chomp chomp*

    You definitely seemed friendly - hence I replied I suspect you'll definitely make friends here

    Coke is totally the wrong answer, too, by the way! Pepsi kicks its ass!
    I would be TinTin (because I look incredibly like him) but a very, very wise choice on the Titanic ending of yours - kinda ruins it really, to sink halfway through it.
    Spain is awesome, and no doubt nicer to have some kind of roots there I like Italy a lot
    And yes, being smaller means being able to be picked up and cuddled - I think we all wish for that a little The way to beat your girlfriend, though, is to also wear heels!

    More questions...
    ... What's it like being 'young'? I miss it
    ... Does your girlfriend know?
    ... Do you have a favourite song?
    ... Is your big toe a little bit hairy?
    ... If you were a girl, what would your name be?

    Please continue to humour me and my stupid questions - I'm just a bit nosey

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    Hehe! Awh thats great. :3 Hmm i wont wear heels she'll think im a bit strange! :')

    -Okay so being young.. its okay :') has its ups and downs :P
    -My girlfriend doesnt know sadly well.. she knows i used to wear nappies, ive worn one and wet one whilst cuddling her before and i even got her to wear one once! we cuddled in nappies for about an hour then she told me to take them off for some reason after that she thought that id stopped wearing them but i havent the heart to tell her that i still wear them and still have dummys and things :/ i think she'd understand and be really supportive but im just not sure when she knew before she said that she didnt mind and was supportive but she thought it was a bit weird.. i jus dont know :/ dont think i can tell her.
    -urm i dont really have a favourite song i like loads!
    -my big toe does have a little hair on it yes!
    -if i were a girl id be called nicky xD seeing as people already call me nicky hehe!

    Right its late now imma go change my nappy then go to bed :3 if you reply ill message back tomorrow! Also my girlfriends down to stay until next sunday.. so i probably wont be on here speak soon!


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