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Thread: New or Old Bambino Design?

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    Default New or Old Bambino Design?

    Hello everyone! So I was on a website today and i was looking through the pictures and I found this picture that was posted today,
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    1. Bambino diaper picture

    I was wondering if this was a New design for their Classico diapers, because it wouldnt make sense for someone to post a picture about their old design TODAY or at least it doesnt make sense to me.

    Im noticing the blocks are bigger and take up less of the frontal tape and instead of being diagonal they are horizontal and also i noticed that the Waistband is BLUE which really puzzled me since every time i order bambino diapers they come with a plain white waistband that is the same color as the rest of the diaper. Lastly i noticed the soft little pink line at the bottom which i also havent seen on any bambino diapers ive ordered.

    I have to say I LOVE this design, but would i be getting my hopes up? Which is why i ask if anyone knows if this is a new or old design? Or if the design is different per size?

    Please verify

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    Sorry to burst your bubble but this is the old, and quite possibly the very first design of bambino classico.

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    damn Ive always wanted my waistband to be blue >_< why would they change that?

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    I don't know actually. around 4 years ago I had the first bambinos and the tape panel definitely didn't look like that

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    I don't like the design of the picture the TC provided. Is this a new design of the classico or a older one?

    I know when I had some the design of the pictures were a lot smaller.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post
    I don't like the design of the picture the TC provided. Is this a new design of the classico or a older one?

    I know when I had some the design of the pictures were a lot smaller.
    I have a few bambinos at home both Medium and Extra Large and neither of them look like this, they are both with the baby blocks horizontal and covering the entire tape and way smaller than in this picture, they also dont have the blue waistband, the mediums are from 2 years ago and the extra larges are from a few months ago. The only noticeable difference is that the extra large tape is brighter and more vibrant in the colors rather than being smooth pastel which I dont know how I feel about it because i actually prefer the soft pastel baby colors. I really hope this is the new design :P

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    This is not the new design, sorry guys. I have pictures here from 3-4 or more years ago when the word Bambino was barely known and these are the diapers that they were wearing. I think this is THE original Bambino and everything after this is what we have today...

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    I concur. This is the very first Bambino design, when it was really just a Secure X-Plus with a babyish taping panel. I think I still have a whole case of those in storage. I miss the blue waistband and leakguards too. They remind me of Luvs from that same timeframe.

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