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Thread: What Is your Favorite Diaper Over all of them?

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    Default What Is your Favorite Diaper Over all of them?

    This subject has probably been brought up before but this is just my first attempt at a thread and I'd like to know your opinions.

    What is your favorite Diaper out of all them out there? and why is that? Please feel free to make any suggestions or just share your experience with them.

    My personal Favorite is the ABU Cushies with cloth like cover.

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    I like bambino teddies the most. The newest bellsimo's don't ride up as high as them though they still work.

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    My personal favorite is, or was, Depend Max Protection. (believe it or not)

    I like them because they were always easy to come by, very cheap when on sale or clearance, and the outside was plastic.

    Another thing I really like is the six tapes, seems like a lot but gets a really good fit.
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    i don't wear any but i would like to wear one see what it feels like again.

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    I also prefer Depend's Max Protection. The reason I prefer this brand of diapers is because it is much easier for me to obtain due to my age. Since my dad works at home I have a hard time obtaining packages from the internet to receive the higher quality diapers such as Bambinos and Abena. Depends can be found at my local Wal-Mart and therefore are easier to obtain. I have also tried several other diapers, but they were either pull-ups or baby diapers. baby diapers have a terrible fit due to them being meant for a smaller person and pull-ups just don't conform to the body as well in my opinion.

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    I also prefer Depends Max Protection. They fit better than the four tape diapers, making them discrete. They are easy to find, Walmart has them, along with some of the drug stores.

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    Well I really have enjoyed the Abena M3 but I placed an M4 order so that could change here real soon. Literally and figuratively.

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    Molicare Super Plus - a great all around diaper, can wear at night, during the day its quiet under clothing and the absorbancy is superb.

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