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Thread: How do i get a Tena slip large fit me (normally medium)

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    Default How do i get a Tena slip large fit me (normally medium)

    I have bought size large tena slip supers (as no others) but I am a size medium (32" waist), is there any techniques to get these to fit me well or will they leak?
    Anybody have any experience?

    Thanks in advanced,

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    Hi DlDunoon,
    I am similar size to you and also a medium. A size L Tena slip will fit you, but you just really need to ensure that you really pull the tapes tight. They will cross at the front, so don't worry about that. You need it as snug as possible around the leg opening. I have some size L that I occasionally put over a size M. If I want things really padded!
    Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterPython View Post
    How huge are they on you?
    on me? you mean me, right?
    huge, is the answer. i bought some a few years ago from Asda/Walmart as that was all that they had (despite my repeated requests for the medium maxi) and they were a nightmare. because of the shape of the diaper and the taping positions, it's just a big mistake to get the large (if they're too large for you). even pulling them up snugly and taping onto the w/proof outer (rather than the landing zone) doesn't work.
    i resorted to just using them as covers, over other lesser diapers, to catch any leaks.

    it's advisable, anyone who's listening, that if large size diapers (of any brand) are the only ones available to get the hour-glass shaped diapers as they allow for a greater contouring and variability of fixing.

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