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Thread: Really AB shops in German?

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    Default Really AB shops in German?

    Anyone knows some AB stores in German or Austria where can I buy some AB products? No online shops, just shops where I can come and buy. For example in Munchen, Berlin, Hamburg? Please add the name of store and website


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    Sorry, there are no really AB Shops you can walk in in Germany. Everything is online nowadays.
    There is the outlet of near hamburg where you can buy diapers and some Chinese made onesies and sleepers.

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    I wish we had something like that in the USA

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    There is shops that sell some AB items around the world though. For example, in my city, there is an adult store that sells disposable adult diapers and some baby printed plastic pants. They also occasionally have some onesies and stuff too.

    Maybe check around some adult stores (As long as you're above the age of 18... or what ever the age is in Germany) And see what they have. Some stores have some specialised "Fetish" stuff, so check in those.

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