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Thread: What is your Religion?

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    Default What is your Religion?

    I don't feel like making a poll...But if someone wants one, then list all the religions, and I'll add them...But anywho...What is your religion? I'm an athiest, but I kind of teeter on agnostic sometimes

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    I want to sink into Taoism, but my laziness leaves me as an agnostic.

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    The spiritual and experiential, mixed with some logic and science.

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    Non-Denominational Christian. The non psycho type!

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    Jedi, its what in my hospital records. I would love to see what happens when the ethics broad has to throw that one around.

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    Non-stereotypical Catholic (Catholic IS a form of Christianity, for those who don't know that.... and there are really people that don't.) I haven't really been to church in a while though. And no, I don't think anyone can go to hell for that.

    Honestly, I think there is a God or supreme being, but who knows? It's an unknown. I don't say "God will smite the evil non-believers!" and I do not say "Only a fool would beLIEve in god!" I also think that science might have a lot to do with how God does things... that God works through science. And sometimes I have my doubts about the existence of God, but I try to believe and I want there to be something after death. It would really kinda suck to no longer exist. I almost wonder if hell would be better than non-existence because at least it's something!

    Sometimes I wonder how there could be a God with all the terrible things that go on in the world. Sometimes I look at everything and wonder how it could possibly exist without someone setting everything into motion at the start. I don't know that there is for certain, but I sure hope there's some higher power out there somewhere.
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