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Thread: iPhone App (TAPATALK)

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    Default iPhone App (TAPATALK)

    So just curious who uses the tapatalk app on your iPhone to get the ADISC forums? (don't know if it's available on the Droid market)

    Personally, I love it. you can even pay 99 cents for an in-purchase passcode lock for the app. It's pretty legit and can post, edit, comment, favorite threads, etc..

    Do you use it? What do you think of it? what most do you like about it?

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    I use this app.

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    I don't use the app however the signatures it posts are annoying.

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    Says the one with a signature from his iPad lol jk. I use it all the time I love it. It's way easier then the mobile web version.

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    I use tapatalk on my samsung galaxy nexus (android)

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    Quote Originally Posted by huskvarna View Post
    I don't use the app however the signatures it posts are annoying.

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    You can remove the signatures.

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    Yea I was able to successfully remove the signature as well.

    Best feature about the app, being connected to the community wherever you are.

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    I use it on my iPod and my Droid. I'm sending this from Tapatalk.

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    I haven't used tapatalk. I am able to navigate around this site on my droid phone. The site looks exactly the same whether I am on my phone or on an actual computer. Therefore I don't think I need it.

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    I use it sometimes when I'm on 3G only and don't have my iPad handy. I've had too many issues with it lately to make it worth using unless I just really need to check something.

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