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Thread: Have any of you seen this tv show ?

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    Default Have any of you seen this tv show ?


    'The Baby" tells the story of a man, "ROB" who is confronted by his deep seeded fear of commitment in the most macabre of ways. "Rob's" new paramour, the quirky and sweet, "Katie" has a bubbly, bouncing...35-year old man!!! Or at least that's all Rob can see.

    As Rob's feelings for Katie deepen so does his delusion about her "baby." Every interaction Rob has with Katie's "Baby Huey" throws Rob into a panic about his sanity. What Rob sees and what the rest of the world sees, differs drastically.

    The baby is 35 years of one man's neurosis all bundled up in a 9 month old and let me tell you, it ain't pretty!
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    You should post a little more facts then that. I dont trust sites that just say HOME.

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    It looks interesting although a bit strange. I might watch it if it were to come on tv, but I don't know how good of a show it would actually be.

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    Looks like it was made very mediocre. But it's hard to judge by that trailer. We'll see when they release the first episode.

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    Looks a bit creepy if you ask me- Not sure why but it kind of creeps me out for some reason.


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    It didn't seem interesting to me whatsoever. The trailer they gave was terribly made and didn't give anything away of the show. From what I can tell there is no plot and therefore no reason to watch it.

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