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Thread: umm....

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    Default umm....

    umm.... hello all lilone...uhh like music >.<

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    uhh like music >.<
    You and me, we're going to get along


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    lol, maybe tell us more about you?

    But other than that, nice to meet you and welcome to the site!


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    im sorry >.< im never good at this >.< umm i <3 FMA (saw ur picy ^.^) im realy sorry im not good at introductions >.<

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    Bop bada bop bop! *Tackles and uses Pojo-sexness powers to make you talk more*

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    I too love music, I cannot make it through a day with out my music, I'd be totally lost without it.

    Anyways nice to meet you. I'm sure you'll love it here

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    I cant get threw a day without listening to my music either and thank you sorry im not as ... open i guess? as u all are >.< and the weather here is so so kinda cloudy

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