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Thread: Fursona Name Revelations

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    Question Fursona Name Revelations

    Well as some of you may know, my fursona's name is Zero (pictured in my avatar), and I always just thought this was because I was fond of the word and it kind of fit my fursona.

    Fast forward to the present and my brother is visiting after being away for like 6 months (he's a rifleman in the army). We decide to play some video games since before he left we used to always play them together and have a ton of fun playing co-op games and of course competetively against each other. Well, as we went to play I noticed something that really suprised me.

    His nickname in games is always Zero.

    And not just that, but it has always been this way. Even before he left he would use the name Zero in everything he played or like on any of the dog-tags/clan name depending on the game.

    This just really stuck with me. I made up my fursona and became a part of the community about a month after he left but just never recognised that that name was his. That was his identification.

    Do you think when I chose the name that subconciously it was because of that or something? I do miss him heaps whenever he's not around (we were and still are incredibly close), but I just never thought about that nickname since he left, only noticing it now, when I saw it.

    So do you think it's connected somehow or was it just a coincidence that I chose that particular name "Zero", for my fursona?

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    I believe it is very possible to have done so sub-consciously and think that's awesome how things work out when you least expect them to. I wish I could say my name had a real meaning to it or that I was better at coming up with names.

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    Not about the name, but more the design.

    When I added floppy ears and a tail I thought it was just because they looked cool. My mom got me a copy of the DVD of my favourite childhood movie a month and a bit ago and it turns out the main character has essentially the same ears and tail, just differently coloured. Definitely think there was some subconscious stuff going on when I made that decision.

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    It's based off the word glacier, which is cold/frigid and mainly because I love the winter months and loathe the summer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Z3R0 View Post
    So do you think it's connected somehow or was it just a coincidence that I chose that particular name "Zero", for my fursona?
    I would put my money on your fursona's name being connected to your brother's use of the word.

    As for mine, My fursona's name is Aucian. I actually came up with my babyfur name "Auby" beforehand. Auby is derived from Auburn which came about when the Auburn Tigers won the National Championship in football a couple years back. Aucian is actually a combination of two words:
    AUburn (which means "like")
    luCIAN (which means "light")

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    It's an equal chance one or the other has merit. You may have subconsciously chosen it because you're used to seeing your brother use it, or it could just be coincidence.

    My personal guess (and please don't take it personally) is that it's a coincidence. If you've met many a fur, as I have, you realize that Zero is certainly one of the more common fursona names. Or names for online games. Or MegaMan fan characters. Or anything really. I think it's just the nature of the name, honestly.

    Only reason that's my guess is cause I really don't like having names that other people have for their characters. lol It's the truth. I've no problem with people who do, but I really like to express my uniqueness. As such, my two fursonas are "Kuu" and "Ruu". Kuu is an uncommon Finnish name for cats, that literally translated means "Moon" in Finnish. Ruu is my kangaroo fursona, and obviously, the double-u following a consonant is the name scheme I played with, and it was fitting seeing as Ruu is a 'roo. :P (I thought it was clever...) I learned later Ruu means "screw" in Finnish, like the metal fastener. The more you know. I've only been aware of one Kuu and no Ruu's before.

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    As far as the name of the OP I would buy subcouncious choice.

    For me personally:
    Ice-I am from an area that is a bit colder and I actually prefer cooler temperatures OR my personality is one that can be as cold as ice when you first meet me until you get to know me.
    Wolf-favorite animal and one I feel matches me to a tee

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    Quote Originally Posted by Z3R0 View Post
    So do you think it's connected somehow or was it just a coincidence that I chose that particular name "Zero", for my fursona?
    Might be influenced by it, but Zero is a cool word, in sound and shape and what it represents.
    You guys also had the same upbringing, right? Perhaps the factors which led to his choosing that name led to your choosing it.

    I would have to say, though, I'd put mere coincidence for this at low probability because of the above. Depending on your definition of coincidence, of course.

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