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    Ahh... Summer. It is that time of year again.

    A bit of a back story... This is the second summer I will have to myself since I have been wearing. The first summer I ever experienced the amazingness of solitude was in a college dorm. That summer I enjoyed the comfort of a GoodNite (both the real and generic store brands) all day, every day minus the time in class. The following summer I did not stay in the dorms, so it was much more difficult to wear, and I could not do it as often. But now, having moved from GoodNites and on to... larger ones... I have an apartment to myself for three months, a flexible work schedule, and a sizable amount of disposable income for certain disposable items.

    So, with all of this I am planning an intense summer. Limited bathroom breaks when it comes to wetting, but messing is something I am not all that interested in. I began with a great trek in public this evening, and I plan on riding my bike everywhere with one on. With the house to myself and the lights off, I am comfortable wearing just a shirt and socks for a majority of the time. What is everyone else planning this summer? Anything exciting? Any new diapers to try and experiment with? I would like to know! Have a great summer; I'll keep you posted.


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    Cloth is the way I usually go. Just me and my wife (who plays my mommy).

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    This summer I will certainly run around in adidas shorts with a -not too thick- diaper + plastic pants under it ;-)

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    this summer im definitely gonna have alota time spent in only a diaper and im starting right now haha.

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    "Summer time....and the living is easy." I will be on summer break, so I can sleep in wearing a wet diaper. I love to do that. I will get up probably around 8 a. m. and take my bike out on the trail. I usually ride 7 miles every morning. Then I get home, have a shower, and then coffee and the morning newspaper. In the afternoon, I go to the family room, cue the surround sound and work on my novel, unless my wife has other plans. I love the summer.

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    Depends on your preference.

    I've never tried cloth myself, but I plan on it when I have some time. Too busy with working 6 days a week.
    Disposable is more convenient, but in the long run, costs a heck of a lot more than cloth.

    Being in a college dorm, washing cloth may be more inconvenient than just throwing a disposable away.

    If ordering them online is a possibility, XP Medical is the site to go with. Abena Abri-Form ♥
    If you can't, Depend seems to be the best readily available adult diaper in the US. I've 'experimented' with store/off brand adult diapers. They're all, for lack of better words, lack-luster and cloth backed.

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    Well, I've just started wearing out in public, so I forsee several outings padded this summer!

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    I want to wear my diaper under my summer dress this summer. It will be nice to never deal with a public bathroom again.

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    Summer just means its hotter when working. Seasons mean nothing to me. Sounds good though, enjoy!

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