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Thread: How old when your parents quit changing your diaper?

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    Default How old when your parents quit changing your diaper?

    I was talking to a diaper friend who wet the bed as a kid. His mother diapered him in cloth and plastic pants until he was 9. He says she was so good not to humiliate him over this, being diapered was a nightime ritual. Later as a young teen his love for diapers took over, he missed them, so he diapered himself.

    I read the nightmare stories of parents who humiliate and shame their kids for wetting even if they supply diapers for their "problem". These feel this has something do to with their DL side.

    So, here are the questions.....did your parents diaper you past the "normal" diaper wearing years? If so, did they ad insult to your needing diapers, or simply diaper for need and practicality?

    I guess the biggest question...are there any out there, now grown, who were diapered through their whole childhood (without medical reason), and this diapereing was just treated as normal?

    I've heard the horror stories, I'd like to hear from those diapered as a matter of daily routine without shame attached to wearing diapers.

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    I never bed wet or anything but I remained in diapers for a little bit of time after I was fully potty trained. I was always attached to them as comfort, like I am now, so when my mum asked me 'are we wearing big boy pants or nappies today?' I'd always go with the diapers :-D

    I really did start young xD

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    I was responsible for changing my own diapers around age seven, I think.

    I wet the bed as a kid, was dry for a few years (around 9 I think?) and now I need 'em again.

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    Umm...I was fully 'potty trained' before the age of 2, so I guess it was before my 2nd birthday that my parents stopped changing my diaper. :P

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    I was a bed wetter until the age of 10. My mother would diaper me before bed every night in cloth diapers and plastic pants. She never made fun of me or yelled at me it was a loving time when it was diaper time. I stopped wetting the bed a little while after my 10th birthday so the diapering stopped. I really missed the attention at bed time ,maybe that is why I still love them today and still wear them to bed every night.

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    I was in diapers until a little after the age of 2. I wasn't treated any differently it was just how it was with me. Kind of in the same light as having a paci till I was 2 1/2 to 3. I can't remember exactly when I got rid of it.

    Then from what I remember, I was trained in less than a week. It was easy since I was a little older. Happened the same way with my paci. It was a just a cold turkey type deal. Never bed wet or sucked on anything after.

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    When I stopped wearing them so I was three when they quit.

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    my parents stopped changing my diapers during the day when I was 6. I was a bed wetter until I turned 11 so I was diapered every night until it stopped. I remember I never wanted to be completely out of diapers.

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