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    I was hypnotized once before and I was like paralized it was sooooo cool! What are your experiences with hypnotism any thing have to do with ab/dl things or just regular hypnotism?

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    I once had hypnotism to try to make me quit smoking. It worked - for about an hour.

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    I've tried ABDL hypnosis files.

    They don't work and they aern't all that amusing but they're definately a novelty.

    Pity pretty much all of them are done by what sounds like some old seedy guy...

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    I downloaded some hypnotizing sessions. [Removed] Just had a LOL, what a crappy recordings.
    After listening to them the first thing I thought was that I better make something myself: Waterfall sounds, toilet flushing, shower spraying, etc. And then I still have very much doubts if this will work.... the heck with it. :-( I wish I knew a method of non-harmful loosing of bladder control, just for one night, or a week, that's it. I never have found something that really works...
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