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Thread: fear of changing in public + comments/looks

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    Default fear of changing in public + comments/looks

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    Experience is your friend. Unfortunatly, there isn't a quick or easy way to get it. All I, or anyone else can do is tell you, its not as bad as you think and it will only get better and easier.

    I've worn for years, and changed in many a public place. It used to be nerve racking to no end. Now, I realize the person in the next stall or waiting to use mine, just wants to take care of their business. They could care less that you're changing your diaper, they just want to go before they need to ask you if they can barrow one for themself.

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    You just have to think about it like this... Unless you live in a town with 100 people in it, most likely you're NEVER gonna see those people again. You might get some weird looks, you might here some chatter at the check out line. If I can remember right cashiers are always changing. I typically go to the more mature looking cashiers that are there to provide CUSTOMER SERVICE. These cashiers have no idea who you are. They don't know your history or family. They don't know if you are buying them for yourself or someone else.

    I remember one time I was in a store and They actually carried Attends, but there was 2 different kinds of packaging for the same size and I was trying to read to see if one was maybe the waistband briefs, or the other ones. They both had two tapes on the illustration on the package and I was looking back and forth for about 5 minutes.

    An employee came up to me and asked if I needed help deciding on which package I need. At first I was young at the time and I was nervous and I must of turned 10 shades of red. Then she asked is their a certain kind of product that you are looking for. I said I was trying to see the difference between the two packages. She helped me ( not that she "knew" the difference but she started staring with me lol) The employee didn't ask if it was for me. Didn't try to insult the person looking at adult diapers. She was trying to do her job and offer her assistance.

    Then there's those people in the same checkout lane as you. Some are young adults that haven't matured yet just laughing at the thought of adult diapers, this guy is buying adult diapers. If you show your emotion of nervousness or fear or worrying it drives those types into reckless behavior. If you go through the checkout lane like if nothing is different from your typical day then most likely people won't care what you buy. Again if someone chatters or giggles behind you it could be directed at something else. No one is gonna come up to you and say "Hey your buying adult diapers, you must be a fucking loser!" "Do you like diapers you baby?" <--That will probably never happen to you. You just need to get over that fear. Why fear judgement from someone if you're most likely never gonna see that person again.

    You're worrying to much about your status in society. There's people that need diapers and have to change their diapers or they're gonna have leaks and wet spots on their clothes. There's people that buy diapers for there sibling, or parent, or other family or friend or maybe just a caretaker. You've just got to realize that most people actually don't pay mind to it, and its not gonna stick to their mind even if they do notice. They'll probably forget about you 5 minutes later. He or she will not just keep you in their minds for the rest of your life, its nothing important to them.

    If you want to just walk in front of the checkout lanes before you start shopping and make a plan to find a cashier that seems mature. Don't make it a big deal, get your diapers and get out! The longer amount of time you're in a store. Walking back and forth to the diapers waiting for people to leave the area the more people you make contact with. Just get your package, put it in a basket or just walk with it buy itself no one cares. Get to the pre-selected check out lane that you chose. Get in line put it on the conveyor belt or on the counter. Pay for it and go. No need to look ahead of you or in back of you. No need to make eye contact with anyone. Don't look down, look busy, play with your cell phone, have your wallet out and poke around in it. Don't make it a scene and you will be good.

    One day you'll finally come to the conclusion to say, "Screw everyone this is me, deal with it."

    You baby! =P

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