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    Question Diaper Booster

    i was wondering what your guys' opinion is on the best booster for an adult diaper. the booster can be made out of anything like baby diapers, booster pads or store bought feminine incontinence pads/pads. your input will be greatly appreciated

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    I will usually use a abena abrilet booster as my main booster pad when I need one, I have tried the maxi boosters but with a medium sized diaper the maxi defeats the leg guards and usually results in a leak before the pad is even used up. I have yet to try baby diapers as a booster but may try them if i can find some that are cheaper than my usual doublers.

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    i've used the tena men guards, and cut slits in the back, they fit good in the front of the new depends real fit. makes a world of difference

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    +1 for male guards. I find depend male guards like $13 for 52 (on amazon). Has made my 24/7's soooo much much better.

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    i could imagine that the depends guards would work better, they seem like more maxi pad shape and dont go as wide at the top. it probably fit well in between leak guards.

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    Something that unexpectantly helped was the fact the male guards are themselves plastic backed. At first I used to cut holes in them but eventually decided that did little in contributation. I've discovered that it's helped immensely with one of Dry 24/7's weaknesses : flooding. I think the guard's plastic backing helps stem the flow into the diaper proper (its own absorption aside) so it gives it time to keep up. All in all my Dry 24/7's handle 3 large cups of McDonalds tea now and keep on going, flooding and all. Something I wouldn't have imagined it could handle before.

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