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Thread: Bladder neck incision?

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    Default Bladder neck incision?

    Have you or anyone you know had bladder neck incision done? It has been recommended to me to help my urine issues. I would like to hear from real people not just medics before I sign on the dotted line.

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    There are lots of patient forums you can "google" for and even you tube videos of the operation. It is hard to make suggestions on a site like this where most users are (like me) not medically qualified. You will find good and bad experiences, but the important thing is for your surgeon or a member of their team to go through it all carefully with you so you know what to expect during and after the procedure and what the possible.after-effects and success rates are. I would be guided by the people who have made a personal diagnosis for you, rather than by the dozens of varying accounts of people who may have had very different surgeons and differing problems as well. Looking sat too many consumer reviews sin't always helpful if you are buying a toaster - don't let them put you off what might be a very effective procedure.

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    Have met again with consultant and have agreed to go ahead with surgery. 90% chance that it will improve my condition. It may not be a complete solution, but should make a big difference. I know they could be side effects, but I am currently diapered 24/7 and despite what some people may think it is not fun if you have to wear a diaper, rather than wanting to.Currently I still use the toilet lots of time during the day, but with dribbles and spurts in my diaper, the frequency of my full on accidents is increasing, and these are now almost daily. I fear if I do not try the surgery that before long I will be completely incontinent. So I think it is worth a try.

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    Good luck! Let us know how things work out for you after the surgery.

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    Since I might be the only one on here who has had this done I will reply. I too believe that this is a decision that should be made between you and your doctors. However, doctors don't always know what its like from the patients perspective.....

    First of all I understand you are in England so my hospital experience might not be the same as you would encounter there. I also had more of an incision then you would be choosing so I might be giving more information then what you are looking for.

    I have had to have a complete sphicterotomy done twice (so far) during my lifetime. I say so far because they can and in my experience do scar over, over time and they do need to be repeated to remain effective. I have had incontinence because of a neurogenic bladder my entire life and I have had to always wear diapers because of it. My incontinence was the overflow type and because of this I use to not empty my bladder completely. This severely affected my kidneys and my only option has been surgical sphincterotomy. I will tell you up front it is not a fun surgery. I see that you are only considering having you bladder neck incised, I have had the entire neck, prostate and external sphincter cut. The operation it self is a piece of cake. General anesthesia, in the OR for about 40 min total, then recovery for about two hours. You wake up with a 26 french catheter in you ( its almost scary how big it is), this is for the fun part that they don't tell you about beforehand, but I will get to that is a second. The doctor will come see you and and if you are passing urine they will send you home. This is about when the pain begins. You will feel like you have been cut in a place you cant describe. My last surgery my wife had to take me back to the hospital and readmit me, though I also have other limiting functions which made the first couple of days following surgery extremely difficult. This may not be the case for you. Now comes the fun part about a week later when you begin to heal your body passes the scabs from surgery. This causes your incisions to begin bleeding again and heavier then before. Now the sight of a catheter bag full of blood is a scary sight to say the least ...but those clots also don't pass through the tubing too easy (even one that's 26 french). This causes your bladder to back up and the only way to clear them is by irrigating your bladder. During my first go around with this surgery as a child I luckily don't remember this part. Though this past time as an adult my wife who is a nurse had to do this for me and let me say I almost passed out each time.

    If I haven't scared you off yet, (though like I said I've had the entire route opened up and I'm not sure of the difference in recovery for just a bladder neck incision)
    in about 6 weeks you are back to your old self, just don't lift any thing during that time period. I am completely incontinent because of the procedure and drip all the time, my bladder holds no urine. Though this is not a definite occurrence with everyone who has the procedure. If you are only having your internal sphincter cut it will more then likely weaken your ability to hold urine for any amount of time ( stress incontinence) though your normal working external sphincter will contain it for the most part. You will also have retrograde Ejaculations (may be a concern if you plan on having children one day). If you have a bladder that doesn't contract or contracts weakly - because of neurological problems - no amount of cutting will help drain you completely and you will still need to catheterize yourself.
    My bladder is always contracted so I have no problems with this. I have only had one infection and that is because I didn't change a number 2 diaper soon enough. I also have a neurogenic bowl. If this is an issue for you, you should be aware that there is less protection for germs to reach your bladder following these procedures. For me personally this procedure has been a god send. It has allowed me to retain what kidney function I still have and it has made my quality of life better. Though I am aware that I would likely need to have this procedure repeated in the future, for my own health reasons, I would definitely choose to have it done again a third time. However I am sure that there will be those who read this post who desire permanent incontinence. Without sounding like everyone else in saying don't do it... you will make your own decisions and nothing I can say will change that, though I have to agree with them that being incontinent has never been fun for me. The entire reason I am an AB today is because that is how I was able to cope with my medical problems as a child.

    jamie72 I hope I was able to provide you with some information regarding your decision. I have to agree with the previous posters stating that this should be a decision left up to you and your doctors. There are many different options for people with incontinence today and, as I said before, your doctors maybe the only ones that know if this procedure will even work for you.

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    Oh my God that sound horrible. I don't even know what to say, other than I hope you never have to have it done again. I had a back surgery which was very painful. It was because I had a benign tumor growing on the nerves in my spinal column. The recovery was very painful and I had to catheterize myself for several weeks. But it was a cake walk compared to your experience. Like you, I hope the tumor never grows back. I never want to go through it again.

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