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Thread: If u have ordered from XP Medical...

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    Default If u have ordered from XP Medical...

    If u have ordered a sample pack from them, could u please fill me in on package details. This will be my first adult diaper purchase (sample pack-yay) and I'm using a prepaid card to hide the charge, so all I need to know is whether or not the sample "evelope" is suspicious at all. Currently I'm claiming I'm ordering a computer part - RAM chip to b specific and the soft feel of the envelope is foam to protect it (any better excuse?). ANY INFO HELPS! Thanks in advance to any responders.

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    Most likely it'll just be plain white USPS Priority Mail envelope. The only suspicious thing would be that you are ordering "RAM" from a place named "XP Medical" .

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    Their packaging is very discrete. You won't even get an indication that it's from a medical company, just a plain brown box or envelope. If anybody asks you, you could just tell them that it's some parts for a project you're doing.

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    the only thing that it says on the outside is XP.. it never even says medical on the outside, that's how good they are about it. Then again I only order bags and cases before, but I am sure if you ask them to keep it on the down low they will do that for you. Also when you order a case of diapers from them they just flip the box inside out. It will say the brand name on the inside of the box but not the out.

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    They are always very discreet. Every time I have ordered a case they flip the box inside out so that the outside is plain cardboard. Once when I ordered just a pack, they used a starbucks box turned inside out, either way very discreet. The return address is also pretty anonymous, i believe it reads "Gary Evans, XP" and then the mailing address. Also, if you buy with a credit card, your statement should say "XP LLC". There is nothing indicated about medical or diapers or anything like that.

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    i dont even get an XP on the label, just this Gary dude. i think the fedex guy suspects tho, with a big ass box on almost always the same day of the week

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    The samples I have ordered from them in the past come in plain brown boxes... the label says XP... that's all.

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    Like other have said, it's discrete...I ordered a regular pack last year, and it was just a plain brown box, with I believe XP on the front...I also used a prepaid credit card, and I don't think it said XP Medical on the records there either

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    Quote Originally Posted by bebe huey View Post
    i dont even get an XP on the label, just this Gary dude. i think the fedex guy suspects tho, with a big ass box on almost always the same day of the week
    Why would he suspect it was diapers, though?

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    Who cares what the FedEx guy thinks anyways?

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