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    I've been buying diapers for about a year or so now, and it's pretty much become completely routine in my eyes. I was riding to Walgreens one day, and the thought hit me that the first time I went out to buy diapers I was so nervous(would the cashier say something, do I have enough money on me, gotta get home before my parents, what if someone I know sees me, etc.). So, I guess my question is is how does it feel to have actually overcome that nervous feeling of buying diapers, or was it just sort of natural and you never really thought about it?

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    Now that I buy exclusively online, I don't think I would ever go into a local store again. But I was a bit nervous even ordering online to start with. But now it's no big deal.

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    When I buy in thrift stores still when I see them, I get a little nervous when I go up to the counter but it's not bad and I have gotten so used to it, it's not very embarrassing anymore. I never had a problem with ordering online after both my parents knew.

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    I was nervous the first time I bought in a store as well, tho I was always at the very least
    a small bit nervous it was way less as time passed.

    Tho now I only get online as there way better that way.
    I still have a few old store bought ones that are a few years old. XD

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    I've done auto delivery for years ,it makes life easy.I use to go to medical supply store but they closed.

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    Sometimes when I do go[once a month because of my short budget] I just think about somthing else or say how my day is to the cashier so that he or she wont say anything about my stuff im buying and also when my mom is getting food at the big stores, I take the cart to the diapers isle with my mom,she looks at the books at the other end and me...I chose my diapees,hehehe

    Yeap,I have ways to overcome my not nervous anymore...

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    i actually didnt have a problem buying diapers, id go out with my wife to the store, fill up a cart, put the diapers in the bottom... i went out thursday and picked up a pack of depends with tabs at CVS, i was actually nervous about it. i drove to one like 10 miles away... i feel better when my wifes with me

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    I've been buying Bambino's on line for awhile and one day my mail lady asked me what's in all these boxes she delivers. I was nervous but I told her there diapers, my diapers. She was surprised and exclaimed "Diapers", wow and just smiled at me. To bad she didn't ask to change me. I don't know what I would have said.

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