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Thread: Am I a DL?

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    Default Am I a DL?

    I have tried wearing diapers and found that I really like it. However, they are not a sexual thing for me. Would I be considered a DL even though they are NOT sexual?

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    Hey there,

    why not? You wear them, you like them, you're DL. Hasn't to be a sexual thing at all.


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    Most definitely.

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    I'm the same They aren't much of a sexual thing for me anymore. They were before I managed to start buying them but they have since shifted to a comfort and stress relief thing.

    Anyway, we both love diapers! :-D We're very much still DL

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    it's pretty common for DL to involve sexual stimulation, given their location, but it's certainly not a requirement. All it means is you enjoy it, you don't have to have any specific reason for why you enjoy it.

    I'm about 50/50. Sometimes it's a sexual thing, and other times it's just very relaxing and comforting. I think it's a mixed thing like that for most DL's, to different degrees, or at different times.

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    Most DL are fetishists. It's when an object become a fetish, required for sexual arousal.
    If you enjoy diapers, but the object is not a trigger for sexual arousal, then you don't really qualify.

    Since the "Diaper Lover", or "DL" therme is not really qualifed, some would argue that you are DL if you Like Diapers. But I beleive the general implied concensus is Like = sexual attraction.

    Because a lot of people into BDSM (bondage) or humilitations use diapers as a tool and the "play" is not revolving entirely around the diaper, they might love diapers, but would not qualify as DL.

    I hope my explanation helped you define your situation.

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    I personally disagree with bob111, though he does raise some good points. If you like diapers, (or love them,) I personally think that qualifies you as a DL. A lot of people do consider them as a form of arousal, but that isn't a requirement. Or, how I put it...

    You don't have to make love with diapers to love diapers.

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