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    Hi everyone old and new.
    after being off list for about 8 months I'm back. the last 8 months has been a long route of Hospital appointments some surgery and more to come, but nothing drastic or life threatening, I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things and start my greetings patrol again as well as posting to other forums. So it's good to be back. Bye for now.

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    check out , if you haven't already.
    8 months seems to have passed by quite quickly. how'd the surgery/ies go?

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    Thanks Ade,
    they are all for silly thing the one I've just hadded was to deal with a trapped nerve but there was a problem with it the samne day the stiches came out, the wound opened up that night like a zipper so it had to be cleaned and re-sutured so nearly a month institches and then physion so i could use my elbow again. I've got more coming up, mainly on my fingers to help with the pain caused by arthtitis. Thanks for askink.

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