Good evening, gentlemen. (And ladies. I'm not sure what the gender distribution is.)

The post carries my name, but I also respond to Guy and Eric. I'm going shortly into college, I love psychology, philosophy and economics. Feel free to debate me on those, but I'm not as warlike about it as I used to be. I can be awkward around new people, so forgive me if I'm short with you or dickish on first impression.

In any case, I am here to lurk. Imagine my suprise when I lurk in anonymously to find that, suddenly, my favorite ongoing story is suddenly locked to members only! My interest in diapers extends to a feeling of security (purely my own), and a willingness to pursue them IRL. I look at the psychology behind my attraction at them, at my peril.

I (wildly guess that) most of my fellows upon this site are ardent believers in video games, and I'd be a liar if I said I didn't enjoy them too. But I am an honors student, I enjoy the local gym, I enjoy the company of my card-playing friends and lovely girlfriend. I like to think I lead a well rounded life, being privileged enough to do so. And the same curiosity that led me to ADISC leads me to work the Google on the Internet Machine for things I don't know yet. For any fellow psychs who're interested, my Briggs-Myers personality type is ENTP.

As for what I'd love to do here... Lurk. Talk a little bit. Read up. Perhaps work up the courage to buy some real diapers and enjoy them.
A word on lurking- Many forumites tend to think that if someone's not posting a whole lot, he's not there. But I am the Lorax of lurkers.

.... A cookie to any man or woman who interprets the Lorax reference.