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Thread: I hate the US Postal Service right now... Long rant

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    Default I hate the US Postal Service right now... Long rant

    And no this is not about diaper shipments but rather my local post office screwing up and sending my magazines back saying my address is no good when I'm getting everything else BUT the magazines!

    Let me start in the beginning... On March 2 of this year I moved to a new apartment from my home of 16 years and I set things up to make sure I continued to recieve my ESPN and Rolling Stone subscriptions. I got those at first and then suddenly- It stopped! Completely stopped!

    I also was given as a housewarming present from my aunt her TV Guide subscription in my name. I got the first issue in my name and guess what? STOPPED!

    After two weeks of not getting my prized TV Guides- which I admit I do collect- I decided to contact the US Postal Service. I talked to their national office and then I talked to the local postmaster. I told him I thought someone was stealing my magazines because I had recieved them and they were no longer comming.

    After getting into a rant- and I do admit I may have flown off the handle due to the sheer frustration- plus NO ONE FUCKS WITH MY TV GUIDES!

    I did some detective work thinking that someone was stealing my mags. I admit I was rather abraisive with the postmaster because of the frustrations and lack of emotional controls I have sometimes due to autism and so forth- I also admit I should have checked with the magazines first. However I did do that and I found out that lo and behold- the post office WAS at fault!

    I contacted ESPN, Rolling Stone and TV Guide; finding out that the magazines were sent back because it was a bad address! I want to find out why, WHY this happened and get to the bottom of this. I want my magazines to start coming again.

    In the morning, I'm going to contact the supervisor AND my carrier and find out WHY this is happening and tell them this is not a bad address and I have been getting EVERYTHING but my magazines. If this is someone's idea of a prank it's not fucking funny...

    I want to ask anyone else in ADISCland if something like that has happened to them in the past or not? I just don't want to feel alone in this nightmare that I've had to put up with for the past few weeks.

    And thanks for letting me rant... UGH I had to add some smilies to show my emotions in regards to this.

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    USPS is beyond my Gov AP teacher said, if you speak English fluently you're over qualified for the postal service.

    I can't think of any specific times but just general frustration of dealing with them, if you want something sent and actually want it to get there.. UPS/Fed Ex it.

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    Like Orcaway said, I never use USPS. The only time I ever use them is when I absolutely have to, otherwise I will go with USP. They are just faster, cheaper, and have better customer service. Good luck with your problem though!

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    USPS = United systematic parcel slappers

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    I have to agree, that if the package/article/etc., is 'Important', do NOT use the USPS.
    Years ago (many, actually, before the public's eye became such a focus on the USPS's financial fiasco), I tried sending 'Important' packages/letters/etc. to my Lady back East. From the West Coast, to the East Coast. Packages arrived opened, torn-apart, or, best-yet: Empty! Some, never arrived at all.

    Complaining about it to the Post Master amounted to exactly- ZIP (not in 'Code', but effective remedies!)

    Holiday cards, general letters, MAYBE pictures (so long as I have duplicates/backups), I'll risk.

    Important stuff always goes UPS or FedEx. Always. I've never, ever, had a problem with their services.


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    I have had some places tell me that my postal code was wrong yet other mail shows up fine. I tried to order a sample pack at one point and after filling everything out and waiting I got an email a couple of days later saying that it was Canada Posts fault and it couldnt be sent.

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    I live in a building called FAKEview (obviously iits not FAKE but Im not putting the real name in on here) its in the same post code as FAKEbuildings FAKEhouse and FAKEplace imagine the fun we have as a community playing lets deliver the mail we got to the right place

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    I once ordered diaper samples and they never came. I think I got an email about it from the diaper company. But this doesn't happen to me often. Luckily the sample was free and so was the shipping so I didn't care. But how do you select a shipping service with your magazine subscriptions?

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    My wife and I took our kids on vacation once and asked the USPS to hold our mail while gone--a simple request that there are obvious forms for, it is done all the time. We got back after almost four weeks, and after two days without mail, we called the local post office and reminded them that we were home, our mail hold had expired, and we needed our held mail items.

    The following day, exactly four pieces of mail arrived (including junk mail).

    Where were our bills, our mortgage statements, credit card statements, magazines, etc? The local post office claims they received no mail for us while we were on vacation. Somehow, magically, everybody decided that we were on vacation and didn't need anything sent to us. Considering we would average two to four pieces of mail per day (including the junk mail), I knew this was BS. I tried calling the local postmaster on it, they had no clue why we received no mail. I got nowhere. We figured out the mailman must have just tossed it all in the trash.

    Considering the condition packages arrive (or not) via USPS (just got an item off eBay where I'm glad as hell the seller triple-padded it!!! The box which should have been a cube looked closer to a sphere!) compared to UPS and FedEx, I avoid USPS at all costs. At least UPS and FedEx back up their service with some semblance of a guarantee.

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    Well- the situation seems to be resolved after I bitched out the Postmaster. I may have been terse with him but it was only cause I was frustrated. REALLY frustrated and I made the mistake of thinking someone was stealing my magazines at first. Apparently there was a snafu over my address and I am finally getting my magazines. I got my ESPN yesterday and my Rolling Stone today. Hopefully I will get my TV Guides again as I am ROYALLY cheesed they messed with my Guides.

    So I think it's all resolved- for now. I'll wait and see what happens and go from there.


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