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Thread: Specific Questions About Diapers & Airport Security

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    Default Specific Questions About Diapers & Airport Security

    Just to note, I did check over the other threads mentions airports and diapers, but I didn't find anything directly to answer my question.

    I'm leaving for my first flight in a few days, and to be honest, I'm nervous to all heck. Like I mentioned above, I did look around instantly to see if anyone else had the same thought as me while traveling: bring diapers with you. While this is for part pleasure, this is also for a recent medical complication that involves a slight 'backdoor problem', not incontinence but something close to that effect.

    When I get to the airport, I am bringing solely carry-on. I am traveling with my long term boyfriend, who knows all about my AB/DLisms, but also with my grandparents, who are completely unknown to any of this. I'd rather not have them aware of my condition, pleasure or need. My question is this: upon arrival, can I outright ask to be screened privately right off the bat? Or will this more likely set off warning signals? I will not step into a scanner, and I will not be wearing into the airport, I simply do not want my grandparents seeing my carry-on extras.

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    i flew into and out of denver in december. i have to wear but also had some in my carry on. the private screening is only for your person, they still run your carry on bags througn the regular xray machine that is in plain sight. i will say that most people would not know what they are seeing anyways. i will suggest that you not put powder or lotion in your carry ons as i found out it will trigger a physical search of the bag right there. this was just my experience and others may have had differnt so i wish i could help you more.

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    I went through in February. I was wearing a tena super and had extras in my bag. No problems. Don't ask for a screening unless you are selected. No reason to. Just walk through the metal Detector like normal. As long as you don't put powder or lotion in your bag, it probably won't be a big deal. If they do want to search your bag, if your asked nicely and explained due to medical devices in your bags you'd like it searched in private they would probably oblige. Be respectful and don't make a scene and they won't either usually.

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    flew two months ago, wore an tena pull up on the to flight, on the way back i work an air plus M-2. had carry on bag only, had at least 3 in the bag. no problem or special screening

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    With the latest situation with an "underwear bomb" threat foiled just a few days/weeks ago, there could be increased interest in "padded" underwear. I haven't flown since before this situation, so I don't know how sensitive things will be, but be prepared. As to your carry-on bag, TSA will not open the bag unless something suspicious is seen on the x-ray screen. Only the TSA person screening the bag sees the x-ray picture. If you are selected for the full-body scan, your choices are limited. Should you be asked about "padded underwear (diapers)" just quietly tell the TSA person they are for a medical need and that should be satisfactory. If they want to examine the items, you can probably ask for a private examination of those items. You should be OK, but be prepared for a bit more in the way of questions by the screeners.

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    I just flew to FL for a wedding, with only a carry-on, for a 24/hour trip. I'm diapered 24/7 because it's part of me. On the way out to FL, I went through the metal detector. On the way back, I was selected to go through the body scanner (along with everyone... small airport), which I'm very opposed to for reasons which are not relevant to this discussion. I asked to bypass the scanner (which anyone can do, by asking) and had to go through the intrusive hand-search. I've never been through the body scan, so don't know if you'd be flagged for further search because of extra padding. I know better than give security a hard time - I merely said that I would prefer a hand search instead of the machine - I was told that it's "safe"... and said, "that's OK, I'd rather a pat-down instead...". You have the option to be screened in private, I didn't care, and let the security check me in "public". Part of the pat-down procedure is them running their fingers between your waistband and body... The person that screened me quickly discovered I was wearing a diaper, and ran his glove residue through the chemical sniffer (normal for anyone going through hand-pat-down? IDK...) He indicated to his coworkers that I was wearing a diaper (like he wasn't sure what do do?), and didn't make a scene (hence why I know he knew.) Quite frankly, they're worried about letting something bad pass through the screening process, not your choice of underwear. I could have easily asked for private screening, but wasn't worried about others (family not present with me) finding out. If you're flying with family / coworkers / friends, you can at any time say you'd prefer a private screening, and they are obligated to accommodate. I'm comfortable with my diapered state, and personally uncomfortable with any full-body scanner - so I've been through this procedure twice. Surprisingly enough, both times the screeners were unsure of what to make of the diaper (asked coworkers) - which based on the % of population in protective padding did seem weird - really, never seen an adult wearing a diaper!? The first time I was screened, I told the staff that I was wearing a diaper (which they would have found out quickly based on the invasive search) probably due to him asking if there was anything (not sure how he asked, it wasn't confrontational....) Don't be ashamed or guilty-acting wearing a diaper - it's not their place to judge.

    To answer your question... I've had my carry-on searched before, and it wasn't private. I wasn't to concerned albeit a bit embarrassed - it was searched due to something innoculous they saw on the x-ray, and it wasn't my diapers. I have no clue if you can ask for a private screening of your carry-on, but they may pull out everything in public view while trying to find whatever was flagged on the x-ray. I imagine that if you ask nicely (saying there are things that you'd prefer not being seen in public?) in your bag, they may be more discrete. Unless they're on some power-trip, reasonable accommodations can be made, and if they refuse and you're that uncomfortable, ask to speak to their supervisor and feel free to quietly let them know what items you don't want your family to know about (because it's embarrassing...) When I had my bag hand-searched they have both left the diapers in the bag and they have also pulled them out (uninterested in them).
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    the main things is avoid lotion and powder in the bag it will set of alarms and get you and the bag searched more. as for wipes, i had some put in a ziplock baggie and didnt have a problem with it. i wish you luck. also maybe talk to your boyfriend? see if he would take the stuff ahead of time maybe if you are that concerned.

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    I'd suggest telling your grandparents you'll meet them on the other side of the security check, like fully inside the terminal.

    That way it won't really matter and they have nothing to be suspicious about.

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