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    What are your views on plastic surgery? I think it's fine if people do it. If it makes them feel better about themselves, then go for it...And...Yeah >.>

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    I don't think its worth it at all. Nothing changes who you are and if your that sallow about looking good well that's about it. How can making something look better make you feel better? If you had a witches nose like one of my friends does then you had it and you already been made fun of for most of your life.Nothing can change what you felt in the past. I say learn to live with it...

    Of course if there was some sort of accident like a flesh eating disease like the case of the guy who's half of his face got removed I am all for it. You were not made that way and it was a horrible accident.

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    I don't care about other people, some need it, but for me, I'm keeping my ugly ass face the way it is.

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    Personally I think surgery on plastic is immoral and unethical... what did plastic ever do to you?

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    I personally would never have plastic surgery. I also think in most cases it makes you uglier than you were before. Being natural is one of the most beautiful things.

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    I think, except for particular cases ( for example somebody had a breast cancer or hase some scares on his face) is totally useless.

    Why people cannot accept themselves for what they are?

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    My argument against plastic surgery:

    Goodnight, everybody!

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    LOL at Michael Jackson pic. I don't best friend had her breasts reconstructed because she thought they were abnormally shaped, even though I thought they looked fine (under clothes anyway). And I think she does feel better about them now, so it's helped her. But on the other hand I don't know that anyone else looks at her any differently. So she (well, her very generous aunt) spent several thousand dollars to improve her self esteem? Why did she feel so bad about it in the first place?

    Anyway, I can certainly understand it if you lose a breast to cancer, or if you're disfigured for some reason. I can't imagine having a horrible scar on my face and having to go out in public with it and feel people stare at me. But getting surgery just because you don't like the way your nose looks or your face is beginning to get a few wrinkles like everyone else's does as they age is dangerous territory because you head down a road where you can never be satisfied with how you look, and sometimes those surgeries don't turn out like you think they will. Remember that our impression of what a "perfect" human should look like usually comes from celebrities and supermodels, who have makeup artists and personal trainers at their disposal.

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    I think it's up to the individual, but one should be careful....and I was going to go for the Michael Jackson joke. Darn you Andysetra!!! Remember the SouthPark episode of "Got your nose"? Anyway, MJ is a good example of what not to do. On the other hand, removal of age spots using lasers, and some wrinkling reduction seems reasonable if it makes the person feel better about themselves. But at some point you have to accept that the Grim Reaper gets all of us.

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    Speaking of major plastic surgeries, I'd consider things from a scientific point of view, rather than from a psychological one.

    A plastic surgery is, first of all, a surgery. And surgery requires an anesthesia, which - in the case of general anesthesia - is like killing you, keeping you alive with machines for some hours, and then resuscitating you, and this is a major shock for the human body. Completely recovering from a general anesthesia can even require a whole year. To this you have to add the shock caused by surgeons ripping you open in the part they have to modify, and sealing you back, like a frankenstein, not counting the definitely unpleasant rejection problems you may have to face after the operation in case you get a prothesis installed.

    I'd like to underline how these aren't theorical considerations based on something I think or I've read somewhere. I've personally been multiple times in a surgical room for variuos kind of surgeries, a couple of which were plastic surgeries. Luckily, all of the times I wasn't the patient on the table, but the guy behind the video camera filming the whole thing. And I'd sincerely recommend watching a plastic surgery "live" to anyone who thinks about undergoing one. I saw a woman having her chest ripped open and splattered like in a butcher's shop to add silicone protheses to her boobs. I saw a 40+ y/o man having his d*ck ripped open to be filled with an inflatable protheses. And I swear they would have been capable of living a perfectly healthy life without that surgery.

    Now, if surgery is for saving your life from a disease, I wouldn't hesitate a moment to recommend it. But if you have to infert your body such a strike just for an aesthetical purpose.... I'd think twice about it.

    Anyone is entitled to do what he wants with his/her own body, but my humble opinion on the matter is that if someone has a psychological issue with him/herself (i.e. not accepting a part of his/her body, or the scars from an accident, or somethin' else), surgery is not the right solution.

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