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Thread: Hello!!! late introduction

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    Default Hello!!! late introduction

    guess i should of introduced myself before i started posting...

    Dan here, 25 years old, just outside of Stillwater Oklahoma,

    I'm a diaper lover. as long as i remember i had a thing for wearing a diaper.. I occationally wet the bed, enought that i wear depends to bed, the new real fit, even if i dont need it. as strange as it sounds, i grew up in a house with all women, and i think i just hitting puberty and anything that touched a vagina got me excited, so i started off with pads... dont know if thats normal or not... a thick pad on a woman has always been a turn on...

    right now i have worn 24/7's, Abena M4's-M2's (air plus), molicare supers (the purple ones) and the regualr molicares, depends for men pull ups, depends real fit, depends portection with tabs,

    back in the day i could fit into goodnights, and i remember buying poise panties... i'm not into the cross dressing thing, or girly... just pad/womens diaper thing...

    i'd go into more about the pad thing, but i'll leave that one alone.

    well thanks for the warm welcome all! right now i'm sitting in a wet depends with tabs. we'll see where this goes.

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    Well that covers your DL side. So what do you do for fun, hobbies music and such? But before you get to that I have a more specific question. I hear tell your not accually a pilot, so where did you get the name?
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    no not a pilot, just like aviation. always had a thing for flying. got some time in a cargo plane, and some helicoptor time. wanted to be a pilot, never happened. maybe sometime down the road.

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