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    I have to say, after posting about how excited I was, regarding my first order of Bambino’s, I have to say I’m very disappointed. They don’t live up to my expectations.

    Yes, they are very cute, and I will use what I have when I’m in the mood to be a baby, but I don’t see myself ordering any more. Maybe, I’m spoiled, since I have been using Dry 24/7’s, but to many of the issues that drove me to pay the extra for Dry 24/7’s are present with the Bambino’s.

    1. The diapers to short (up and down). Per the website, I am right between a Medium and a Large. So I bought larges. I would think that they would fit. Nope. The diapers only come up to middle of my hips. Looking at images of others in Bambino’s I think that is where they are designed to stop. There Hip-huggers. The problem is, I can’t keep them up. With the 24/7’s thy come over the hip and so my hip bone keeps them in place. I’m not risking exposure every time I pull up my diaper.

    2. The pattern is the same “Diaper Tape” that you can buy to add patters to your own diapers. I expected, give the price, that the pattern would be part of the diaper’s plastic. Since the pattern is taped on, then an additional clear tape covers it, the pattern is extremely inflexible and noisy. This causes the diaper to be less comfortable and 10 times noisier then the 24/7’s, so much so, that I fear getting caught. Normally I wouldn’t care, but since the diaper is “Babyish” I can’t use a “I’m having inconstancy issues” if someone see it like I can with the Dry 24/7s.

    3. The tapes, don’t seem to be in the right place. They seem to high. I may be wrong here, but I can’t get a good “seal” along the inside crotch because of it.

    4. I don’t think that the diaper is all that thick. I would guess, that it’s actually thinner then that Attends extended wear diapers I used to buy before Dry 24/7’s. I fear using them in public because I fear they will leak.

    To me, when compared to the Dry 24/7’s, what I have to give up for a “cute looking” diaper is just too much. I would rather use the same “Diaper Tape” that Bambino’s uses to put a pattern on my Dry 24/7’s. That is ultimately what I wanted, Babyish looking Dry 24/7 diapers.

    However, I think I will try a sample of the ABU Cushies Diapers, just to see how those compare, unless you all tell me that they Cushies have the same issues.

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    Well that's dissapointing. What kind did you buy? I just orderred a sampler of bellissimo, so I am curious if we got the same ones. As a sidenote, I think the crinkle is on purpose, a lot of us (including me) think it adds to the baby aspect.

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    Bambino's and ABU diapers tend to run smaller the other brands like dry24/7 or Abena or Molicare.

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    Bambino is my go-to diaper for any daily wear, they absorbe huge amounts.. but if you find they dont fit, well, we all have different shapes.

    depending on the type of bambino you got, there are also differences. The belissimo (the new one), is hugely absorbent, i would say as much as a 24/7 ( i have them all).
    the others are less thick / easier to wear day-to-day.

    Cushies i find are great for look, the single tape works better than you might think, but their absorbency is about half that of a bambino. I can wear a bambino to work, and get through the entire day leak-free. I wouldn't even attempt that with a cushie.

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    I'm not a fan of Bambino too, not worth the hype or price. I'm starting to fall in love with Fabines though haha. Now THAT is a diaper!

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    ahh.. but the fabine and the belissimo are practically identical. size/shape/absorbency. only major difference is the print.

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    Cushies have worse issues than what you have listed in your complaints as they are single tabbed. I pretty much agree with your analysis of bambinos if they were any of them other than the belissimo diaper. What you have stated is pretty much the reasons I myself am a dry24/7 guy also.

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    I've been wearing the Bambino all white diaper for years and love them. If I want a thicker diaper I just add a soaker from XP Medical and I'm good to go.

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    Yes they are sized differently, and recently they did lower their "lower" tapes to fit better, and the top tape is still to low from the top, I think. They are a premium diaper. They are loud because they are made to be crinkly. Unlike Dry 24/7, Bambino's padding doesn't fall apart. You should try an extra Large, I'm also in between sizes Medium and Large, I tried all 3 sizes and found that the extra large is better fitting to me cause I also prefer a higher rise. They don't compare in absorbency but, they are probably even with Abena (except Bellsimo's which are more absorbent). Also the Booster pads they have are great cause they bulk up when wet. I tried a couple of these in a dry 24/7 before and I wore it all day long without needing a changing. The Dry 24/7's diapers are all bigger than most brands. Mediums are bigger than most mediums.

    Also beware that most Adult diapers are made for women ( I speculate) they fit women's curves better then men.

    They are thinner because they are made with more SAP than pulp.

    The prices are great for the great product it actually is.

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