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Thread: What does your avatar say about you?

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    Default What does your avatar say about you?

    What does your avatar say about you? Because of the wide variety stretching from recognizable characters to the strange and funny I am curious what yours says about you and maybe why you picked it. Even if it has no significant meaning there could be a good story behind it.

    Mine fit me perfectly. Almost too perfectly. *My Hotstuff devil is both innocent looking and kinda spiteful with his fork and those horns dipict that if you bump heads with me you may not like it. *My favorite color is red. *My GF called me hotstuff even before I tried my first adult diaper 14 months ago. *I used to read Hotstuff comics when I was younger and I always loved his reasonable attitude of don't cross me or you will get burned. *I live in a hot environment (Arizona). *That rediculous and playful pose fits me perfectly. *Also I usually have that smile among friends! Also I am highly playful and mostly just want to have fun like a cartoon. Life can't ALWAYS be serious

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    That I'm a suave and sophisticated womanising secret agent, just kidding, I love the TV show archer and I thought that my avatar and username would be more fun than my previous username and avatar

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    Well... I chose mine just because it looks like the kind of cute li'l kid I feel like I really am... if you dare to peel back the gnarled, withered and weathered adult-like facade...

    Apparently it's an anime character called Naruto...

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    I usually go for drawings of peaches (those who've been around for a while will remember my avatars changing with every season). But since the Edinburgh Meet two weeks ago where I bought two bottles of peach flavored sparkling water my avatar is a picture of the bottle it came in.

    Obviously, my avatar doesn'T say anything about me specifically. It's just a trademark that goes with my name so I'm easily recognizable. Or maybe it does say something about me - peaches are sweet and look like an ass


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    my avatar reminds me of my birth Father.
    (daddies are everything)

    lodge wrecker......

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    Rainbow dash is clearly the coolest pony ever, so yeah. 'Nuff said.

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    Mine says a lot about me I reckon! It's a well disguised photo of me!

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    I chose mine because I've always seen myself as a skunk (misunderstood sometimes). As for the glasses, they add a bit of a quaint attribute, plus skunks have nearsightedness like I do. :-)

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    I don't really have a constant theme that I follow with my Avatars, of which I have had many, I just find ones that are either seasonal or reflect my interests. So I very often will use something autumn-y, Halloween-y, Pikachu-y, or goofy-y.

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    Not just that I love the Mighty Heroes and super heroes in general but I always wanted to be Diaperman, even built a homage character of him in Mutants & Masterminds 2 but sadly have never gotten to play him.

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