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Thread: Thinking about getting a dummy

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    Red face Thinking about getting a dummy

    Not sure if this is the right forum?

    Well I always like to chew/ suck on things and kinda gets expensive and annoying to have to buy pens all the time or not having 1 when I need it so thinking of getting a dummy (blush) not sure if its a good idea or not even thou I live alone.

    If so whats the best most popular?

    BTW I live in Australia but can order from overseas

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    I chew on lots of things, a rubber bone or three bought from the pet shop is one idea. I also have a few squeaky chewtoys and a Nuk5.

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    I think there should be some NUK orthodontic pacifiers (18-36 months [size 3]) available at your local supermarket. I know I'm going to get some this weekend. They should be relatively cheap for a two pack, it's what I'd recommend.

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    I have a nuk5 and love it! I wouldn't recommend chewing it thought as that might wreck it!

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    I have many variety of dummies and they have really helped me from chewing on other things such as pens. It is just a soothing feeling to me to have a dummy in.

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    Just got my nuk 5 yesterday I was wondering what other types and if there are larger ones and where to get them thx
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    well there's a few larger ones from pacifiersrus (FREE Orthodontic teat bottle upgrade on bundles plus 20% off FOR MAY 2012 - AB UNIVERSE GIFT FOR EVERY ORDER IN MAY 2012! Adult Baby Nuk 5 Pacifier (AB)) but if a 5 is too small then you must have a huge mouth!!! and I definitely wouldn't recommend getting any baby pacifiers because they'd be much much much too small for you. If you like to chew teething things can be really awesome!! I have many, both plain silicone/rubber teether's and water filled ones. If you like to bite really hard then water filled are probably not the best because you run risk of puncturing them (I've made that mistake) or putting so much pressure on them that they spring a leak where they're attached (had that happen too) if you don't want just a plain teether many sensory toys have teething bits on them that are generally textured and very nice to chew on. and if you're really a heavy duty chewer there are always dog toys (if you get a dog toy and it's smelly/tastes bad put some lemon or mint extract in a bowl filled with water and let the toy soak for an hour or two. this will help it both smell and taste better. and of course was anything you get before use or soaking!)

    also: just realized this is my 300th post!!! woohoo!
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    I personally Highly recommend the Nuk 5!!! I have one and I love it!!!

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    I love my nuk5 but I've been tempted by the pacifiers r us version they do a silicone one that's longer they call it a nuk 7 and might stop it falling out of my mouth at night but I'm not sure, I used to have one of those de nuki ones but I think they use cheap latex as it goes white if you use it for a few minuets

    Has anyone tried the nuk7 I'd love to hear a review

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