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Thread: Noticing diapers on people

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    Default Noticing diapers on people

    Has anyone here ever noticed that a grown up had a diaper on just by how their bottom looked?

    Every time I notice that it looks like a grown up has a diaper on, it's always an elderly. Never a young person now an middle aged person. I figured the elderlies don't care if it's obvious they have one on or not because they get a free pass. it's socially acceptable for them to wear diapers so no embarrassment there.

    Just a few days ago, I was getting off the bus and this elderly sitting across from me stands up and she had a cane with her. She looked to be in her 60's and just by looking at the front of her pants, there was a bulge so it looked she had a diaper on.
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    I'd say the majority of people you think you see wearing diapers are not actually wearing diapers...

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    A couple of times actually, the most awkward was when I was walking towards school, it was a 30min walk from home. about middle of the route, and old man opened the door of his house as I was passing by, and just stood there, admiring the outside. He had his zipper down, and was wearing tenas underneath his pants. I told him "sir, I'm sorry but, uhm... your zipper is down" and he blushed and thanked me, before heading back inside and pulling up the zipper.

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    Yesterday I SWEAR I saw someone in a diaper. Probably around 40 years old from the looks, female. I've seen pictures of diapered jeans bottoms online and there was a little bit of a bulge where the bottom should be :P

    Obviously it wasn't really noticeable. The only reason I noticed it is because I know what I'm looking for :P

    I sound like SUCH a creeper >.>

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    I don't know if I have ever noticed an older person wearing a diaper before in my life. I have seen more than a few kids with diapers over their waistbands that I though were too old to be wearing a diaper, and I hate to admite that I like to notice when babies and toddlers are wearing pull ups or diapers just because I am jelous. When I wear in public I tend to froget that I am wearing, but every now and then I notice my own diaper from my waistband poking over, the bulge, or when I start walking funny and I get nervous that someone else might notice as well.

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    I did see an older person buying diapers at the store once, but I wasn't looking too hard to see if she was wearing one though.

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    it sounds to me like some of us (older folks) need to get "T" shirts that reads,
    (yes, i am wearing my Bambino's today)
    just so some of the younger generation doesn't feel so alone........ ROFLMAO

    or would that be too crass?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Z3R0 View Post
    I'd say the majority of people you think you see wearing diapers are not actually wearing diapers...
    Every time a thread like this pops up the words "Wishful thinking" flash in my mind like a big neon Vegas sign. Don't get me wrong, I do on occasion find my eyes glancing to where they problaby ought not glance and I find myself wondering and maybe even hoping.

    But then what? It's not like seeing someone's Doctor Who t-shirt and discovering that you both like the same show.

    "Hey there, I'm a huge fan of adult diapers. I wear them myself sometime in fact, yup, ahhhhh, there we go. Just peed in mine. Now where was I, sir? Sir, where are you going? What do you need your cellphone for? No, don't call the police, really I'm sane. I just oh crap, hello officer. Why certainly let me get my ID out and you'll see everything is in order."

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    we may tend to notice people wearing diapers more then a lot of people would.
    most younger people maybe more discreet about their diaper wearing then the elderly or little kids.

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    I don't think I've ever been 100% sure I saw an adult passer-by in a nappy, certainly not a younger person, seen a few older people where I was pretty convinced they were. Just shows it's not obvious if you dress sensibly, as most incontinent people and AB/DLs will in public.

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    I really dont get the fascination with whether someone your never going to interact with is wearing a nappy i would be very offended if I discovered someone scoping me out like that its very creepy and alittle perverse if you ask me

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