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    ok so i was thinking today and when i do i come up with weird questions today i relived when im changing i tape the right side first but i think its because im right handed. just wondering if anyone else noticed.

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    I am right handed but I always start with the left bottom. I think I do it that way because I usually read left to right. I think it is more about personal convention than your prefered hand etc.

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    If there's two i do the bottom two them the top. Though I always start on the right hand side as I find it somehow more normal, if that makes nay sence. And yes I am right handed, so that could be a huge factor.

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    Hmm, interesting. I too am right handed and usually start with the right. so it's top right, top left, bottom left, bottom right.

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    it was a weird thought but its really interesting to see how many people just do it differently. like i said i always start on the right bottom. ok another thought how many tapes do you prefer i like the ones with 2 each side.

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    I always start with bottom left then bottom right, top left and last the top right.

    I am right handed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by abdl2727 View Post
    ok another thought how many tapes do you prefer i like the ones with 2 each side.
    The ones with two each side feel more secure and snug around me. That said I prefer the one tapes as they are more like the baby nappies.

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    Always bottom right, bottom left,top left and finally top right. Standing of course! And I lie down & undo them in the reverse order when the diaper is spent.
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