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    hey there all, i just joined because my friend Kelvin told me this was a great spot to talk and learn, and im all for that. I've been on Diaperspace (scary) and fetlife (better) before, but I was intrigued by the possibility of an intelligent and well moderated ABDL community, so I crawled on over.

    I'm into movies, computer strategy games, writing, and reading, as well as my numerous ABDL and AB related interests, such as online roleplay. Looking to meet people on here and find out more about the lifestyle as well as share my own experiences.

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    Welcome to the ADISC! Once you get enough posts, you can access the Roleplay section on here. It isn't too active, but has some good stuff going on in it. (When people post, lol.) As far as writing, what have you written? I have a novel in the works, I would like to think it is good... Anyways, I would love to see anything you have written.

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    Thanks for the warm welcome. I wrote a rather lengthy story some years ago, but it did get a spot of controversy on some forums so I've put that behind me.

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    Hi There Bratling and welcome to the group. However does your friend go by that name on Adisc or does he use a nick name like most of us, he might not lkr his real name passed around, so expect retaliation in the form of diuretects at the very least (and beforer someone jumps on me for being nasty or deletes this post- I have know this guy for nearly a year and we regulary role play and he will understand the messssage)

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    LOL no one knew it was your real name til you told on yourself, smart guy. Besides, thats the only name ive ever known you by -giggles-

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    I knew that, welcome aboard Bro and sorry about tonight

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