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Thread: Mishearing 'Diapers/Nappies' in a phrase.

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    Default Mishearing 'Diapers/Nappies' in a phrase.

    Have you ever misheard diapers/diaper or nappies/nappy in a phrase by someone? Anyone at all?

    For example, yesterday at work, I have saying bye to one of my colleagues at work- and I was putting out loafs of bread (I work in a supermarket). She picked up a loaf of a bread said:

    "This should keep me him happy"- referring to her boyfriend.

    However, I misheard this as "This could be in his nappy" ..

    Naturally, I asked her to repeat what she just said just to clarify that she really DID say what she said.

    Anyone got any other examples as such?

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    I've had plenty of similar instances but I just tend to forget about them so I can't really give any specific examples :P

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    In the healthcare environment when someone has a condition that could be transmitted via airborne particles (flu or something) some places require the patient and/or caregiver to wear a surgical mask (to help prevent the spread of an airborne virus). An acronym for one of these types of masks is known as a PAPR (Personal Air Protective Respirator). I was once asked, "Are you trained in how to use a PAPR?" What I heard was "Are you trained how to use a PAMPER?" I recovered with a "Am I trained use a what ?"

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