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Thread: no news is good news?

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    Default no news is good news?


    sort of reminds me of many years ago, when we had a Vax and when dispies were hard to come by, and i experimented with Vaxing the fluid out of soggy dispies.
    anyway, as a concept, it sucks.

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    I would definitely want to make sure it was plugged into a surge protector... More than thunder might be "waking you up" during an overnight thunderstorm!

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    Hyperlink ---> Electronic diaper for men siphons away pee | Crave - CNET

    I guess it's alright for those who want such a thing, but if you have to use specialized diapers that get thown out anyways that cost 3 dollar a pair then I'll just stick with the best disposables. Not even the best bambino's cost that much.

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    The only problem come mind would what if short in Electronic wiring I do not want get fry that area that why stick to normal diaper there safer.

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