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    My name is Aaron, I'm an adult baby in the military. For the sake of privacy I will not mention which branch. I used to be ashamed of my abism but now I embrace it as a part of myself. I look forward to talking to like minded individuals and making new friends who share this bond

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    Welcome to ADISC! Seeing as you didn't go much into detail I will just ask you a simple question.

    What is your favorite food?

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    How does being an AB in the military work i've noticed a few on this site, surely its really hard to cope??

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    My favorite food is all fruit

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    It's not to hard to cope. I'm a soldier 9-5 and AB after that. Deployments are hard because you live with many others. I don't practice AB life while deployed

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    Hi, Aaron. Quick question: we're you an AB before or after you joined the military? And, how did you get started? I am former military myself.

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    Myworld08, I was an AB well before the military. I remember a fascination well before puberty and sneaking diapers in my early teens. My foster sister had a bed wetting problem and had to wear diapers, I would wear some of hers. Unfortunately my mother caught me and really tore me up for if physically (abusive mother), mentally and verbally which caused me to surpress it for years, I even hid it from my wife until I couldn't hide it any longer. My wife is less then supportive to, though she tolerates a little (I can sometimes wear a diaper to bed) Being an AB means a lot to me, and it's not something I can change about myself, but now I realize I'm not alone, there are others like me and I hope to meet like minded friends and couples

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