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    I currently have a major dillemma. I regularly see a psychiatrist for major depression. Part of me wants to tell her that I am AB/DL. Should I tell her my burning secret? What if she gives me anti-AB/DL medication? What if it works? I like being AB/DL and don't want to be "cured". Still, it is something I want to talk about with someone that can keep the secret.

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    Yes, Tell her. Even if being an AB/DL does not stop you from causing any problems, or causing you any grievance, it is a major part of your life. A psychiatrist needs to know as much about you as possible in order to treat you. There could be a connection between AB/DLism and Depression and it is certainly not unheard of.

    However, you will NOT be given any AB/DL medication, infact, I don't believe there is any medication that can suppress these urges if AB/DLism isn't causing you any major problems. It is worth noting though, if your problems are somewhat sexual in nature (I am not going to be too nosey), psychiatrists have been known to supply drugs such as Luvox (anti-compulsion), among other medications to help suppress certain urges.

    Nonetheless, psychiatrists on the whole, are trained to be non-judgemental and compassionate to peoples emotions and feelings as it is there job. You have nothing to be worried or afraid of.

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    For the most part my "policy" is to tell only other ABDL's since they are the ones who truly understand this and can deal with it. However, being with a psyciatrist for depression is a different story. You must tell her. How can she deal with the whole "you" and your depression unless she has all the information about what is going on in your life. She may or may not react favorably so as to help your depression. But to not have this vital part of "you" on the table would deprive her of much needed information.

    P.S. I have always thought of going to see a professional about my diaper wearing. But never have. I guess I never will. I would be interest at the reaction of your Psychiatrist.

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    As Thicker and RouteLeader have already pointed out, it is a good idea to tell your psychiatrist so that she fully understands you. As far as I know there is no such thing as "anti-ABDL" medication. You need to tell the psychiatrist tho'. Let her know how the ABDL stuff makes you feel. Does it make you feel more depressed? less depressed? Actually talking about it may even help your depression.

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    I would agree, your psychiatrist needs to know about this. Your depression could be linked to an actual tactile processing disorder. If that's the case, then your doctor may write a prescription for diapers, to see if they might aid in your treatment and possible recovery. Never overlook the possibility that you may have a medical condition that necessitates them.

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    You should tell her.

    Also, there's no such drug, unless you're prescribed a drug that suppresses sexual urges etc. but even that wont "cure" you. Even if you are given such a drug, they can't force you to take it, and if AB, to you, is a stress reliever, then it would be downright stupid for them to give you drugs to suppress the urges.

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    ok...I thought about this overnite and there is NO WAY I am telling her! Thanks for the advice though...It was just a thought that popped into my a unicorn or a dancing clown...just ignore it..

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