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Thread: In case of depression, click thread.

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    Default In case of depression, click thread.

    You're Welcome. ;3
    Now, Smile smile smile!

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    haha I am having a great night but now its better

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    I've had it on loop for the past hour and a half.

    99% sure I can sing the entire song without flaw. :3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wheatley View Post
    Why wait on it to buffer if it's already on my iPod?
    Thought the same thing.

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    This made me more depressed, but I shot all of my arrows into my knees, looked into all the operational ends of my devices, and dug straight down for 256 meters and I still didn't die.

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    Well, since somebody posted "The Smile Song", I figured it wouldn't hurt to post "The Frown Song" in response to that.

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